Sound cuts off intermittently when laptop connected to Onkyo TX-NR575


I own this receiver Onkyo TX-NR575, along with Klipsch Dolby Atmos Setup 5.1.2. Everything works good when connected to my Sony UBP-UX80, i.e. Video and Sound works seamlessly, either from DVD's or USB.

But when I connect my laptop to the receiver, I get Sound cutting off for like 2-3 seconds after every 5 seconds or so, which is very annoying. When I just remove the receiver end of the HDMI from laptop and connect it directly to my TV, everything works ok again, no Sound cut Off's. If I play the same on my laptop only, it still works fine.

I previously thought it might be the HDMI, but if I connect the same hdmi to TV directly, I don't see the issue. Aso, it is not the laptop itself too.
Have anybody else experienced this and can help me resolve this issue?

Thank you,
Could be a software/driver issue on the laptop for the HDMI output.  If you are using a short HDMI cable, try one that is at least 6 feet.  Playing music on the laptop speakers is not the same function as playing audio through HDMI output.
@auxinput, thank you for the response. But as I mentioned above if I use the same HDMI cable disconnect from receiver and plug it to my TV, TV will emit the sound and picture flawless. This tells there is neither a software issue on laptop, nor the HDMI cable issue. I also tried changing various HDMI cables with different lengths, but same result.

Sorry, I misunderstood how you described your scenarios.

I think you have probably just gotten one of those weird scenarios where there is a hiccup in how the source device sends/encodes audio through HDMI.  I have experienced this in other devices as well, and sometimes there isn't a good solution.

Is there a configuration you can modify in your software player?  It could be trying to send 5.1 PCM or Dolby Digital over to the Onkyo receiver, but it is sending straight 2-channel PCM to the TV. 

It's a strange problem for sure.