Sound Labs

Thinking of getting some sound labs again. Any thoughts? Anyone ready to move some? Auras , m3 smaller? I would consider larger but rather not, U2 would be my first choice. I am going to order the new px anyway.
I'm not familiar with those particular models but the A1 with the right amplification was one of the best speakers I ever owned. And I've owned quite a few...

The new backpanel has been a welcome improvement, making the speaker an easier load and thus sounding better with both tube and transistor amps.

FWIW they do not benefit from the ability of the amp to double power as the impedance is cut in half, but they do like some power so a tube amp of about 100 watts or more will be the most satisfying direction, as a tube amp will be able to make bass on the speaker with which transistor amps will struggle.

To put this in perspective, if you have a 100 watt tube amp, you will need a 400 watt transistor amp to keep up with it.