Sound Quality Comparison: Micromega MyDAC -or- PS Audio Digital Link III (stock)

Has anyone listened to both that can give me a description of the sound qualities of each? 

I'm on a tight budget, but can squeeze roughly $250-$300 for a DAC. The PS Audio's seem to fluctuate at different prices on the used market--some as low as $200. The Micromega's can be had for $250 new and $90-$150 average used. I'm looking at used for both to keep costs down.

For those who have experience with both DAC's, is the additional cost of getting the PS Audio worth it in sound quality? 

I'd be using this with a Sonos Connect network player (via coax digital-out) and a Roksan Kandy MK III integrated amp and vandersteen 2c speakers. Music service is Deezer HiFi (FLAC).