Sound Stage and Imaging

I love speakers who 'paint a big picture' (I am literally closing my eyes and trying to SEE a picture). Therefore I THINK I like to see IMAGING and BIG SOUND STAGE. And also like DYNAMICS.

Being frugal (just not willing to spent audiophile level money on it), I love to persuit 'bang for buck' solutions in general.

With above goals in mind for a speaker: what hits the marks in the low fi (audiphile scale) $2k (used or new) budget range. (I have 2 setups: one HUGE room, one 20x20).


When I was looking at speakers I was always looking for a wide sound stage and when I heard kef r11's non meta I didn't just get a wide sound stage but I got a deep sound stage I never knew what a deep sound stage sounded like until I heard them. They are now in my home and I can tell you that you can hear a drummer or a piano player 10 ft behind the speakers with a stand-up bass up front.. live jazz is very good for this demo or any well-mastered jazz album.. you can find these used on eBay

IMF 100: can't seem to find in the US. But seems to be one of many LS3/5A based monitors (which I have heard good things about in past readings). What are notable LS3/5A (bang for buck) offers?


Good imaging requires very low coloration, accurate f.r.,  and phase linearity. For 2K you are not going to find a new full-range speaker that provides this.

You could look for some used ATC speakers, Or get the ATC SCM 11's and add a sub later.


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you have all talked about speakers and their imaging/sound stage. Please describe your idea/description of what you mean by imaging/sound stage and what about black background.