Soundcamera - visualizes sound - useful for our hobby?

I saw a kickstarter for a audio visualization device and wondered if it had application for audio designers or end users?  There's a video that explains it all.

Aparrently devices like this exist but are 100,000 or more and require complex set up. This device is about 5000 euro.
If you listen to the video, they say the Soundcam records acoustical data and presents the data in a visible format - kinda like GPS.

Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see how this device fits into  sound reproduction in traditional stereo playback systems (end-user).

If you're attempting to pinpoint, troubleshoot and analyze the "location" of an audible sound source, then the Soundcam would be instrumental in helping you achieve that.

For example, your car develops an audible noise from the engine compartment that you can't isolate.    You take your car into your friendly neighborhood auto mechanic.  He pops the hood, takes a Soundcam and points it at the engine compartment.  Voila!  The Soundcam "visually" pinpoints the exact location where the noise is coming from and what might be causing it.

There could be industrial or manufacturing applications such as electronic and audio circuit design and engineering etc., For example identifying and pinpointing the source of hum in an audio circuit.  

How would you see this technology being applied from an end-user's perspective?
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@emailists. Fascinating article. Thanks for idea generating post. Very appreciated. One of our hobbies biggest uses will, I think, be noise / vibration analyses. Incredibly worthwhile, as all those who use extremely effective equipment stands and isolation platforms, with highly resolving gear—incuding even CD and DVD players—, can attest. An economical,highly refined, easy to use sound analysis device will be a game changer.
Thank goodness for all digital refinements. One day their mathematical and processing speed will be able to truly reproduce high quality analog as we hear it though our existing equipment. Digital’s ability to work effectively from 1 hz to 100,000+ hertz, will soon mean superior sound for us music lovers. 
emailists: I saw your post on having PS BHK 300s with your TAD CR-1s.  I just got a pair of used CR-1s (MK I) and have a BHK 250 have a question on what your using for the BHK tubes.  I'd like to touch based with you....