Soundlab reliable?

Contemplating buying SoundLab M-2PX or A-3PX speakers to be driven by some Atma-Sphere amps, how reliable is the speaker? What concerns or issues have you had?
If I was fortunate enough to live near Duke, I'd go through him, but I have worked directly with Sound Lab directly and they are amazingly friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I can't say enough good things about them. Cheers,

I have Soundlab A2s for 35 years.  One power supply was rebuilt 10 years ago by Soundlab and the second power supply was just rebuilt by me using a part supplied by Dr. West.  These speakers have been in continuous use for 35 years and the panels are still good.  Amps are NYAL OTL 3s.

I have been fooling around with audio since before stereo and know of no product that can compare with Soundlab in reliability or product support.  I also have Quad 988s and prefer the Soundlabs.
I may have one of the earliest functional A3  Sound labs.  The serial number is A30044. I’m the second owner. The first was a florist in the Washington DC area..  Upon purchase I had new Mylar installed. The speakers have performed flawlessly for years. I agree  the superb customer support Dr. West and colleagues is without peer. I’d be interested in hearing from other  early vintage A3 owner’s. ARS