Soundproof Windows

Does anyone know a company that makes good soundproof windows? I'm not looking for anything fancy, just vinyl clad wood double hung windows that will block more of the street sound from coming into the house.
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About two years, I had new Milgard vinyl windows (double-pane, filled with argon gas) installed in my home, and was surprised and pleased by how much they reduced noise from outside. There are many other manufacturers around the country, and I'm sure that if you call a local glass supply company they can recommend someone to you.
the new impact resistant glass now used in florida(glass/laminate/glass sandwich) is even more soundproof than insulated glass. here in florida you can get them at home depot and all window sales outfits. your local suppliers can surely special order for you.
When ordering soundproof windows look for Rw value. Standard Rw value is 28dB, but you can also order 32, 36, 40 and even 44dB ones. I got 44dB ones, and even though I live in a city centre, the noise was reduced dramaticly - form 38dB (very noisy) to 24dB (almost dead quiet).

By recomendation of a company that designed my dedicated listening room, I went with the aluminum frames instead of wood/plastic ones. They are more expensive, but do not loose their soundproofing as easyly as the other two (thwy may deform over time). Also importand is the number of seals that the frames have - usually they have just one, but you can order (as I did) up to three.

I'm sorry that I cannot recommend any specific company, since I live (and ordered) in Europe.
I once lived on a very busy street and had only single pane windows. I installed exterior storm windows and the intrusive noise was essentially eliminated.
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Too bad I am not around your area to come and install some new windows for you.I am a glazier by trade and since 1989 that's what I do,fabricate and install commercial curtain wall systems.That's the fancy glass on the high rise towers.
But I did a lot of residential work too.I would definetely recommend aluminum windows with glass of at least 4 mil thickness sealed units installed on glazing 1/8 shim tape(double glass)Low-e,argon filled.One inch overall thickness.Aluminum frame must be thermally broken .Obviously a non operative window (fixed)would be more sound proof but one that contains sliders at the bottom and sealed glass unit on the top portion is the best compromise.Usually they go with sealed glass unit for the 2/3portion of overall height and remaining bottom part with sliders (four sliders in total,two exterior and two interior).
Good installation is critical.Absolutely use expanding foam around the new installed window,that will stop a lot of noise,air movement,heat transfer.When measuring for the replacement window you must allow 1/4 of an inch clearance all around for expansion e.t.c.It is that gap that needs to be foamed,let cure and cut foam flash with a sharp OLFA knife.
Best of luck