Sources for A/V Room Information

I've just bought a new house as my Music / HT system has grown too large for the current house (sound familiar?).
I've decided that I'll dedicate half of the basement (15 x 20) for the HT. As the ski season is about over, I'll now have about six months to obsess on this room.
The system is decent (ML SL3's, Cinema, Aerius i's, Proceed, Bryston etc), and as the room is unfinished, I have the opportunity to do the right thing for a dedicated music / HT room.
Does anyone have good net sources for info. on some of the basics like wall treatments and colors, ceiliing materials, etc? I know I'll be putting in dedicated A/C power, but the rest is still, up-in-the-air.
Thanks in advance - Snofun3
snofun3 and are both good sources of info from other folks who've tackled DIY HT projects. Good for getting your creative juices flowing. Running dedicated power is a good idea. If the basement is unfinished now, then take advantage of that and run twice as many circuits as you think you'll need. It's way cheaper and easier than adding them once the walls are up! Don't forget a ceiling outlet for a front projector, even if you don't have one will! Might want to run conduit for video cables and surround cables, too.