SP10 Mk II vs Mk III

A couple of guys here were planning to do listening comparisons of the Technics SP10 Mk II vs the Mk III, in their own homes and systems. Has anyone actually completed such a comparison? I am wondering whether the "upgrade" to the Mk III is actually worth it in terms of audible differences between the two tables. Possibly mounting either table in a well done wooden or slate plinth mitigates any sonic differences that would otherwise be heard. I am thinking of Albert Porter and Mike Lavigne in particular, who were going to do the comparison. Thanks for any response.
regarding strobe noise. I once manufactured powerine filters and using general purpose filters, the first thing I did was disable the neons which through my ribbons added a clearly audible hash. It would be possible to snub the noise but why bother, just disable the neons.
slarty, That seems like a good idea. How did you do it? I imagine you could just disconnect them from their supply voltage.  Then the strobe goes dark, does it not?