SPARKOSlabs.INC/Descrete super high tech opamps just arrived

Folks these opamsp looked awesome if not future high tech  in the pics,,,but sitting here in my hand, , these opamps are even more cool looking. 
We can take this ntopic into other directions such as 
~~Mods that you consider ~~100% pure snakeoil~~~  while others 50% snakeil....we've all seen some really weird snakeoil gimmicks come along past 20 yrs ,,
But here with Sparkoslabs high tech Descrete Opamsp,,how could you guys have missed IT???? 
Putting $$$$$$$ into pure 100% snakeoil cables and interconnects,,which are no beeter than my $5 Radio Shak specials,,,.
But here with these Descrete opamps from Sparksolab,,,how in the world did you/could you miss this tweak, which is a major mod, nothing ~~miniscle~.
I am waiting on the 12ax7's to arrive , as i dumped all my amperex BB's to a guy who will sell them for me. 
When that quad arrives from Honh Kong, I will then be able to hear these Descrete opamps in the cayin Cd17 mark1. 
I am telling you the sound will blossom with new life. 
I bought 6 Singles. All you need to do is takea  pic/and or write down the number of your old opamp and send it t Andrew,,he will look up the code reference # and send you the cortrect opamp required. 

As soon as the 12ax7's arrive, next week, I'll  report back how well these new opamps breathed new life into the Cayin 17/four 6922 tubes. player/purchased 2002ish. Then that week, she'll go to a  honest/fair tech in baton Rouge for new caps, 14 Mundorf silver/Gold oil (white casing, not the Black casing Supremes = too pricey).. Then I'll report back on how each mod made any changes and exactly as best I can/w/o bias/fair./honest.
Andrew also has  engineered amps for power supply,,,not sure what these are all about,,will ask my tech guy  about that mod.

well i got impatient, i want to hear these Descrete opamps,,i have a  bunch of at's laying around,,so poped them, in,,won;'t fly,,Defy ain;'t gonna accept at's in place of ax;s..web says at's can be placed in ax's...= don't believe everything you google.,,the sound is rough/edgy and rools off in high distortion rather quickly on any vol. 
I think you can place AX;'s in place of at's, but not the other way around. Dif tube config. 
Before you start bad mouthing Sparkos Labs, I have done a huge amount of op amp R&D and testing over the years.  Sparkos does make excellent products.  However, with any high current discrete Class A circuit, it is going to be very demanding on the power supply.  If you have a very good/large power supply and good localized power supply caps, the Sparkos will provide an excellent full and clean sound.  You will need to burn in the op amps as well.  However, the “voice” of the Sparkos is just very slightly warm with slightly rolled off highs, but not “warm” in the same way that Marantz and Pass Labs are warm.
well i only bad mouth whereever and whenever it is earned due. 
jadis placing 2 cent posts for speakers/RCA posts, is just trashy, Yet  inspite of,  Jadis has the best designs./best quality parts. 
Yes the cayin has 2 large well made trans, 1 digital and 1 analogue,,not sure what that means, So with these well made trans , these opamps will have the powerr to activate its charms. 
I recall back in 2006, the guy in baton rouge said *oh you need new higher quality opamps* and the new ones did make a  dif. But compared to these Sparko, the others look all the same. 
I am happy my research paid off. Too me about 3 hours to find them, but with any mod, research is the key, Due Diligence. 
A good mod is not just going to drop at your front door, Sorry it doesn't work that way,,By sharing our testimonies , we can all find new mods and ones that work for us. 
I am inexperimental stages, Trying all sorts of tricks with copper posts, silver wire, new caps. 
It will take me months to figure out how each mod has affected the overall quality of fidelity. 
This is our goal in stereo.
~~Fidelity~~, This is the word Philips placed on their 2 way, 3 way speakers back in 1977, Hi Fidelity, and they were, for that epoch some of the finest. Where were the drivers made? Denmark of course. the motherland of high fidelity speakers. 
Not the USA, not japan, not england. the danes are Kings in speaker design. 
all others a distant 2nd.
This is what i have been in search of~~Fidelity~~~ it was the 1976 Philips 2 way which opened my ears to true Fidelity,,I did not like the 3 way,,as i hated all midrrange voicing,,,too rough. But after i  set up the Thors (Richard Grey did the soldering of xovers, right there in his shop on Airline Hwy  for cheap,,i tipped him another $40 or $60 can't recall))  The Philips hooked  to the JOR, then swaped to the Thors,, only then could I hear the weaknesses in the Philips. 
To this day, i do not believe there are finer voicing drivers than SEAS Excel Copper Plug series. 
The only issue with those drivers are the super low efficency, 87 db/4 ohms. Small tube amps will not work on that speaker,,it will smoke the trans.  The JOR had no problems,,but the EI tubes  burned up in 5 years./maybe 2000 hrs. The JOR wth new Mundorf Silver Gold caps, and beefy EH KT90's, = best small tube amp in the world., but  too pricey, which is why i recommend the next best small tube amp, the Cayin small tube series. Better to get the cayin and use the savings not getting the Jadis intergrateds, and applying those funds towards better front tubes and new M caps.  = will  shoot out a  stock JOR. 
back to opamps,
~~~ Sparkolabs~~~.
Here you go, A honest straightup review of Sparkolabs opamps,,
Best kept secret in all audiophile yweaks/mods..I plan to employ  Andrews voltage regular chip in the cayin , and also see what chips i can replace in the Cayin SC6 and also any chips in the jadis which can be replaced by these wonderous chips from Sparkolabs. 

@ 5:14
~~~Completely transforms the amplifier~~~.
IOW that amp you have in your set up, has a  tremendous potential with these new opamsp,,and here you thought all along that new $50,000 speaker cabels would bring life to your stereo system. 
Plenty of snakeoil in this busness, but with these opamps,,
~~The Real Deal~~~ = snakeoil free.
Radio shack. I reviewed them, and they s_cked.
Opamps are good, as I reviewed Sparkos and others. Hi, Andrew!

You're clueless on cables. :(

No, I don't care what your arguments are.  :)
So if I google spakolab/opamps here on audiogon, ~~the worlds leading wen site for all things world class HIFI stereo,,,i will find notes /comments on Sparkolabs opamps??
Is this what you are saying. Doubt it. My guess i am the 1st to mention these mods of all mods. 
I mean for change you take your half dead ss/tube $$$$$$ amp and breathe life into it with $ Sparkolabs opamps. 
~~Sweek and ye will find~~~  is a  old saying, old as the hills, and i found. 
And i am telling the world of my discovery. 
You guys owe me one. 
Sorry, but you are late to the party. People have been using SparkoS, among other discrete opamps for years. You do know there are other discrete opamp companies, right? Or, is this news to you? 

Seems you need a BIT of humility. :(

Do a search here for "discrete opamp(s)" and you will find plenty of discussion on it. You are FAR from the first, and you introduced nothing. 

You said: So if I google spakolab/opamps here on audiogon, ~~the worlds leading wen site for all things world class HIFI stereo,,,i will find notes /comments on Sparkolabs opamps??
Is this what you are saying. Doubt it. My guess i am the 1st to mention these mods of all mods. 

How about you TRY IT? See what you find. OH, look at that! There are threads discussing Sparkos Labs discrete opamps, among others here at Audiogon! Imagine that! 

YOU owe an apology for your arrogance and bad attitude.  

If you would like to see a rather well developed discussion of discrete opamps, feel free to read my reviews of discrete opamps at I wrote a review of three different manufacturer's products about three years ago, and I happen to now have an article with updated opamps, among them SparkoS Lab, which will be published at soon. 

BTW, Happy Thanksgiving!  :)