Spatial M3 Triode Master Preamp/amp choices

I acquired some Spatial M3 Triode Master speakers(95db/16 ohm)  a few months ago and would like to upgrade my amp and preamp for the new setup. I am currently utilizing my old  Adcom GFP-555II preamp and NAD 2100 amp.  Listening room is aprx 14 x 16 x 8 ft. I listen mainly to Spotify and Tidal or vinyl. Rest of system:
  • Technics SL 1700 w/ Nagaoka MP110 and Cambidge Audio 640p phono preamp.
  •  Bluesound Node 2i and Schiit Modi mulitbit dac,
  • SVS SB-1000 subwoofer
I have been considering a used Conrad Johnson CAV 50 which is a control amp-so no preamp needed, a new Decware Torii Junior which has 2 inputs-so i wouldn't need a preamp, new Primaluna Evo 200 integrated amp. My budget is up to $3000 for this upgrade.   Of course, if you have better suggestions for this pairing please enlighten me.  
linear tube audio is really onto something brilliant with their zotl amps

just tremendously clean extended dynamic sound with tube goodness - my spatials are not a crazy hard load but it is 4 ohms and 4x 15 in woofers and the control is outstanding - all this and 3-4-5x normal power tube life...

i have their zotl 40 reference, extremely impressed

i maybe get a touch more richness from my arc ref 75 amp running kt120's but it is soooo close, more different than better/worse
@jplunkettj   You might want to contact Clayton and ask him what sort of output impedance he expects with amps that drive his speakers. All the installations I've seen have used amps with a fairly high output impedance.

While I've heard class D amps sound very smooth and detailed, they tend to have the lowest output impedance of any amps. Clayton's speakers may not be designed for that (as seen by his use of amp with higher output impedance). The way you would design a crossover for a speaker meant for an amp of high output impedance tends to be different for a speaker meant for one with a low output impedance. For more on this topic see:
I have M3 Triode Masters and have found that these speakers sound better to me with a solid state amp.  I settled on  a Sugden A21 Se class A integrated and a Croft integrated.  For the cost the Croft  tube/solid state hybrid is a great match.  You can also modify the sound with a tube swap.  Both of these amps also sound equally good with my  Devore O-93s. 
I run my M3 Triode Masters with an Audio by Van Alstine Vision SET 120 power amp. Rated at 60wpc at 8 ohms, Frank Van Alstine figured it was probably putting out 45-50wpc into the 12 ohm Spatials, and would be running in Class A under normal listening conditions. Even in my frequently abnormal (LOUD!!!) listening, it has a firm grip on those four 15" drivers in my 15'x28' room. I've never felt the need for a more powerful amp. Your mileage may vary.
Thanks @atmasphere your article will be my Christmas weekend relaxation reading.Thanks @kettle7830 for the additional choices to consider. Thanks @doneaton for your experience powering the Spatials.