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Speaker Pairing for Sugden A21SE
Currently listening to A21se Sig and Devore O93's playing Satie Piano Music on Qobuz.  Its wonderful.  I also have a pair of Spatial  Audio  M4 Triode Master that are also wonderful with the A21. The M4 when available used can be purchased for a l... 
What's your favorite $5-7000 turntable?
I have spent quite a bit of time with a Schroder arm and Grado Aeon 3.  It is the best combination I have every heard on my Sota Nova turntable.    
Soft, smooth organic SS integrated amps?
As a Sugden , Cary and Croft integrated owner, I would recommend the Croft Phono Integrated. It fits your sound and cost requirements, and with the sub of one  Mullard 12ax7 it is exceptional.  Since it is a hybrid  you will have to deal with one ... 
Pass Labs vs. Sugden
A friend came over and brought his Pass Int-60 to try in my system, which was no easy task. I had been using tube integrateds from Cary, Rogue, BAT.  And at the time I had a Primaluna.  We had the Pass plugged in for about an hour before the units... 
Spatial M3 Triode Master Preamp/amp choices
I have M3 Triode Masters and have found that these speakers sound better to me with a solid state amp.  I settled on  a Sugden A21 Se class A integrated and a Croft integrated.  For the cost the Croft  tube/solid state hybrid is a great match.  Yo... 
Any one has experience with Sugden Integrated?
I really love this amp.  I have been going through integrated amps for the last 25 years and this one is my absolute favorite.  I use the A21se with Devore O93s and Spatial M4 Triode Masters.  And best of all no tube issues.   
Climbing the Preamp ladder
I would try the Wadia directly into the amp since the dac has volume.  You may be surprised how good it can sound. I ran a PS Audio dac directly into my Stereo 88 and later a Stereo 100 amp with great success. And it doesn't cost anything to try.O... 
KT-120 tubes vs Gold Lion KT88's
I have used both and feel the KT 120s are the more balanced from top to bottom. However both sets seem to be a bit dark. I was wondering if the original EH Kt88s would be an improvement. 
Vandersteen Treo vs 3A Sig as upgrade
I have been using the Treos with a Vandy sub for over a year now. It sounds like all of the things you were missing in the Treo auditions could be corrected with a sub or 2. 
ARC VSI 60 vs Cary SLI 80 or BAT 300xse
Just an update since this thread came back to life. I ended up having the Cary, ARC and BAT all in house for about 2 months. In the end I settled with the ARC VSI-60. I think system dependent, they are all great amps. The ARC was just the best mat... 
PS Audio PWD II opinions?
I went from a Cullen mod PSIII to a Nuwave with great improvement. Soon after I bought the PWD II. The PWDII is a very significant improvement and well worth the investment. 
Vandersteen Treo's
I have used a Cary SLI-80, BAT 300Xse, and an ARC VSI-60. Of the 3 the ARC amp is the best match. 
ARC VSI 60 vs Cary SLI 80 or BAT 300xse
I am using the SE (6h30) version of the BAT. Both the Cary and BAT are great sounding in their own way but may lean to the dark and warmer side of the spectrum. Based on past experience with ARC gear (VT-50,LS-15) I was hoping that the VSI-60 woul... 
PSAudio in trouble?
I have been using the Nuwave Dac for about 2 months and am very satisfied with the unit. I preferred the NuWave over my Cary 306/200. Being in manufacturing I have to give credit to PS Audio for what they are doing. I believe the Nuwave is worth t... 
Cary SLI-80 with KT-120 tubes?
I have tried 6550's, KT88's, el34's, kt77's, and recently the KT120's in the Cary. They all have their merits, but with the right speakers I prefer the EH el 34 the most. I think in triode it has a wonderful balance.However the lower wattage of th...