Speaker brackets, Turntable shelf

All, I've been bouncing around the 'net looking for a couple things, so far no luck at all. The Gallo Micro speakers I bought for my HT has a ¼ 20 threaded insert on the back terminal plate. I'm looking for a manufacturer who makes brackets that I can bolt to the wall, and I'm hoping there's an on-line site I can buy 'em. Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated. Secondly, I'm also looking for a turntable shelf I can bolt to the wall. Target used to make one, I've tried quite a few audio rack sites, no luck. Any ideas? As always, thanks. Jeff
Yo, Jeff,just a sug.Get a bracket you like, with larger bolt hole than what you need;get a nut;or the bolt that matches the thread on the gallo;slip your Gollo thru the bracket,with a washer and the nut,or bolt;you should be in buisness.Some plumbing water suply line (rubber)cone washers; If you have much to much play(just the rubber cones) they are about that size and are tappered.NO help with the TT bracket
Found a solution for both dilemmas. Stumbled across a used Target TT shelf, got that all set. As for the speaker brackets, went to the hardware store and wandered the aisles til I came up with a simple bracket that works. I'm using one of those circular covers you use to cover up octagonal electrical boxes. Drill a hole through the middle of the cover, pass a 2" 1/4 20 bolt through, tighten on the other side with a washer and nut to stop the bolt from spinning around. Paint the whole thing, attach to the wall with the two holes already in the cover. Screw the speaker into the bolt, voila. Four speaker mounts, $8 total. Unobtrusive and fucntional, seems like a good solution.