speaker cable for PASSIVE subwoofer... Triad Gold Rack Amp to Gold Subwoofer


I am looking to buy some new speaker cable to connect my Triad Gold Rack Amp to my Triad Gold Subwoofer.

Connection will be speaker cable... NOT looking for a low level RCA cable so please don't respond. (I know someone will ask me if I know the difference. YES I know the difference. YES I know what I am looking for) Raw speaker cable.

20 feet long or so

I have read that actually thinner gauge cable is preferable to thicker for large drivers. I have a few REL subwoofers and have made my own speakon cables and the physics are true that all you need is good quality thin gauge since it pretty much just carries signal information on speakon. The line carries a 100k resistor on speakon.

So, does the thinner approach apply to just using speaker cable to hook up via the terminal outs on the amp to the terminal ins on the sub box?

Thanks for the recommendations!

12 gauge.  Can shotgun it too.  Just get good casing material and good copper..  Naviships guy on e bays sell good raw cable.. Check out zed audio web site on 'myths' and stuff good reads.