speaker cable for Zu Druid/RWA/Modwright combo

I have a very nice pair of Zu Druid speakers which I run on a Red Wine Sig. 30.2 amp with Modwright 9.0 SWLP preamp. My current speaker cables are Zu Libtec, but I need to buy new longer cables after moving into a larger flat. Top attributes which come to my mind would be neutral, fast, detailed but not too analytical, musical - toe-tapping has a high priority.
I would appreciate any particular recommendations in the price range of (if necessary) up to $ 1 - 1,5k. I have read nice things about the Audience AU24, would that be overkill for my relatively modest set-up? Has anyone heard the Soundstring cables which are supposed to be very good for a more affordable price? Any other thoughts?

Thank you for any input.
What about Zu Ibis? I run them on my Druids and they are incredibly detailed. They seem a little bright at first, but break-in and become more balanced after 200 hours or so.
What dont you like about the Lib's? What you describe sounds very much like what I hear in my Lib's
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The soundstring cables are great cables. Similiar sound to Acoustic zen Satori and Holograms II. If you like these cables you will love Soundstrings. For the money soundstrings are hard to pass up.