Speaker cable reccomendations for my system

I am just curious if there is something better out there for my current system.

I hear people say quite often that a change in cables made the whole system sound better. Better? Well, i guess in this game it seems that better is such a crap term. Different might be a "better" term.


Here is my setup:

Audible Illusions Modulus 3A with 6H23 tubes
Classe CDP-1 CD Player
B&K Reference 4420 power amp

Currently i am using Signal Cable Analog 2's for interconnects and 2 runs of Signal Cable Ultra speaker cables.

While it is the best setup i have ever put together, i often wonder what might add a tad more air.

I should also note that i dont think my speaker cables are broke in yet. I have heard several people state that 150 hours are needed to break in cables.

I wish i had a better grasp on audio terms (we need some sort of glossary). Because i really dont know if my system sounds bright or thin or just right! I wish someone could lone me there golden ears, lol.

I guess i am just curious to hear your reccomendations for what would be a good match interconnecting the system and the speakers.

signal i use with very expensive equipment, give the cables and chance to break in...otherwise i suggest paul speltz lines...

There is no best cable, just different flavors and most need at 100+ hours of break-in. You will get lots of recos here and you will have to try a few to see if you can get a better system match. FWIW, I use the Pure Note Paragons. They work for me.