Speaker Cable Recommendation

I'm wondering if someone could recommend a pair of speaker cables.  I have looked at Nordost entry level, but they may be too thin for my system. Looking for cables that may add some "weight" to the following system.

Decware 300b tube amp (8watts),  Klipsch Forte IV,   Holo May Dac, PS Audio BHK Pre with 12AU7 input tubes. My room is 20X12, not treated, vaulted ceiling, fair amount of glass. Not a great room :) In the $1,000.00 range

Thanks, Mark



Hard to beat AntiCables 3.1 ($250 6 foot pair) or 4.2 Flex ($460 6 foot pair) speaker cables for the money. Just remember that the 3.1s take at least 150 hours to settle in, and the 4.2s at least 100 hours. I haven't completed testing, but the Zavfino Nova OCC cables ($390 2.5 meter pair) and Morrow Audio SP6 ($550 2 meter pair on sale) are very promising.....will complete a shootout next year when my listening room is completed. Also I would have NO problem using the Micca speaker cables in a second system.....silly good for $40 per pair.

The OP asked for a cable for high efficiency, low current cables. There is really no point in proposing arm thick, high capacitance cables with lots of skin effect. My two bits worth…

Like you I have a low power, high efficiency system, with fully horn loaded speakers. After playing with various cables including Duelund, which I found charming but ultimately too colored for my taste, I’ve now found audio nirvana with some "Chinese Valhalla" (in truth a chinese copy of Nordost heimdall). There are no logos or fake branding but the cable seems identical.

They are the best cables I’ve owned: not thin at all, nor bright (and my system is on the bright / upfront side so I should know!) but very dynamic, transparent, and wide open (imaging is fabulous)

It’s been compared by others to entry level Nordost stuff and is better, doesn’t have the "thin and bright" character at all. In fact I find it buttery smooth!

Iconoclast are the best bargain for the price and get completely out of the way. And they have a 30 day money back if you dont like them.

I have been through a fair number of speaker cables - many were upper end Audioquest - and then one day bought and connectored some "Western Electric" cloth covered tinned copper 36 strand 10 gauge wire on Ebay and was astonished by how good it sounded on my tube amp system running Klipsch Cornwall 4's. Some in the Japanese audiophile community swear by this kind of wire for tube amps and horn speakers.

This wire had been "burned in" for about 40 years at a telephone central office, and I seriously doubt it was "OCC" copper. It had been subjected to 40-50 years of 48-175 d/c volts daily. Perhaps a case could be made for such wire having been somehow annealed to having fewer grain boundaries during this journey, but I doubt anyone would give this credence without analysis at the atomic level.

To further incite the wrath of the cranky audiophile community I also recently did some bi-wiring on this same system with some 16ga wire of the same  "Western Electric" pedigree by making some spaded jumper cables with the stuff and running them  from the bass speaker terminals to the treble connections. According to some internet experts this should make absolutely no difference. This was done to, theoretically, reduce some of the energy going into the tweeter relative to what was going into the woofer. I waited until after component burn-in to do this because I had learned that fiddling with the system before components had revealed their true selves could become quite confusing. Lo and behold the at times faint jangle in certain treble expression - especially with regard to piano and flute - had been tamed with no loss of resolution.