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Cable elevators
My cables are suspended by the wood Venetian blinds directly behind my component shelving. The blinds are shuttered to keep out the sun from the double glass doors that used to be one of several passage ways to an outside deck. Now forever blocked... 
Occam's Razor: The Signal to Noise Ratio
Jazz Mount Rushmore
I'm a sucker for Coltrane's "Ballads." That's a large club of listeners. Still stuck on Larry Coryell's "Barefoot Boy," but that is because there are many life associations and memories agglomerated around it, and it was a breakthrough of sorts w... 
Occam's Razor: The Signal to Noise Ratio
Not to anyone in particular - the signal to noise ratio on internet forums dwarfs every other example in difficulty. Would that it were that diffusion and absorption could buffer human discussions. Alas, there are times when only "mute" does the t... 
What songs do you listen to to test a system's midrange performance?
Sinatra's "Wee Small Hours Of the Morning" album is a mids feast. It's almost cheating the question because it is so good that it sounds at least good on most systems. On an advanced system it is pure pure. Whenever I think of this album it is as... 
Cable Break In for the Naysayers
The elephant in the living - the gauge of the cable wiring. For instance, on my system running Cornwall 4"s - a high efficiency speaker - changing speaker cable gauge has obvious and logical impacts on sound. Going from 10 gauge "western electric"... 
Flexible Power Cords
I like the red cloth covered power cables that came with my Audion MK3’s - they are deliciously flexible and fat and work well with the Audions in that they tame just a tad the ferocious dynamics of the amps. Flexible power cables work best with t... 
OCD mickey website and negativity.
I like to watch OCD have his nervous breakdowns and then recover. In the recovery stage he can be charming and level. It can be suspenseful and entertaining to watch him go though his process. He is the very embodiment of the hyper audiophile, and... 
The Emperor Has No Clothes!!
"Lets face it, if there was a majority of people acoustically informed the industry will collapse to essentials..." That's what is often said about "global warming." Welcome to the jungle.  
My First Stereo. What Was Yours?
Zenith Omni My first college speaker system - 1970. It was attached to some turntable and amplifier I can't even remember the names of. My criterion for selection was that they "worked" ie they turned on and off.  
Free air, tighter bass - snake oil or cheap tweaks?
Rubberized Drawer Liner This perforated, rubber drawer line is very good for sound and vibration dampening. There are several manufacturers of it. Available also in other colors such as taupe.  
Sound and Music
I was a "music lover" long before I built up an audiophile sound system. Now I am a "tinker, tailor, soldier, spy" out to uncover the most cryptic audiophile secrets.  
Signal tube versus power tube, sound impact?
Amp manufacturers know that people are going to roll tubes anyway - it's part of the charm -  so why not let them do that for themselves.  
Measurements for a dedicated line
Think I’ll do that.   Of course, my experience is not uncommon: Power Conditioners - Jay's Audio Lab  
Cable Break In for the Naysayers
Vibroacoustics Really, we are just babes-in-the-woods as regards music's effects on us. There is a much wider arena of influence that may explain our befuddlement with the differences we hear between scoped measurements and our perceptions. ****...