Speaker cable suggestions for Sugden A21SE integrated

The Sugden seems particular about cables.  I'm running the amplifier with Merlin Black Magic monitors.  Looking to spend $4-500.  Thanks for any responses.

It’s "all-in" system synergy that is your road to OZ. Hence, your choice of speakers are as much -- or arguably even more-- sensitive to that elusive path.

if you list the brand and models the speakers you are pairing up to the SUGDEN, readers may offer a more focused suggestion.
Post update:

Here is a reviewer’s similar take on this system synergy factor for which speaker cable to choose:

".....Apart from that, the (SUGDEN) A21ai had nothing up its sleeve. It seemed more or less indifferent to choice of speaker cable—in whatever system the amp was used at a given time, cable changes made little audible difference—and while substituting a very expensive AC cord for the stock item made a subtle improvement..."


i would not ignore the significant impact of the other two cable types in your rig, so here is my repost on that of what the LFD gurus suggest as system upgrades:


LFD AUDIO: Phono stage; upgrade the power cord first or the interconnect?
Posted on 29th November 2016 by Howard Popeck

".... Hi Howard I just received the Power Cord as ordered plugged in to wall outlet already definite improvement over shunyata cord ,I was wondering if another Power Cord would benefit my lfd phonostage ? or should I look to upgrade my Interconnect from the Spirolink to the grainless first thanks again for your help.

You pose an interesting question. It depends in which direction you want to travel next.

In superficial terms, if there is a desire for greater bass ’heft’ and ’slam’ then the Power Cord is your next move.

If more detail, less sibilance on female vocals and a greater sense of ’sweetness’ then the Grainless is the way to go..."
I'd recommend the Cerious Technologies Graphene speaker cable. You might find one used, but it might have been purchased already.
I think an 8' pair go for $649 new  and in my opinion well worth the cost. A huge bang for the buck. If you have not seen it, here is an Audiogon forum regarding the products:
AKG:  The speakers are Merlin TSM BME Black Magic monitors.  I've already upgraded the PC which did improve everything.  Thanks.
Bobby always recommended Cardas, Audience or JPS with his Merlins.  Perhaps look into those.  Not sure how they'll match with the Sugden, but a place to start. Best.....

Hi. I mainly use Kimber 8VS or QED silver anniversary XT cables with my Sugden A21SE and Spendor SA1 speakers.The QEDs are perhaps the most detailed of the two cables, but the Kimbers have a bit more "oomph" and is a great match for the Sugden and Spendor.