Speaker cable termination

I have a pair of old Audioquest Midnight 2 speaker cables and I need to change the termination from banana plugs to spade lugs. Could anyone recommend where to purchase the spades ? Would the quality of spades make an audible difference ? Can I solder it myself easily ? Is it worthwhile to send it back to Audioquest for re-termination ? Thanks.
Hi Elizabeth: When looking for spades, make sure that they have a very robust crimping area. You should not even need to soldier. If you do use soldier it should be to add physical strength, not to carry the signal. Soldier is a very medicore conductor. AudioQuest uses a pulse welder when terminating. This method is far superior, as the huge pulse of current causes the metal atoms to commingle with the metal in the termination. Strong physical crimmping is a close second to pulse welding. That screw lock down system mentioned above sounds like it might make a good connection. Good luck! Mitch
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Radio Shack sells both thin and thick gold plated spades ($5 for 8) and 3% silver solder ($4/1.5oz.; part no.64-013). I assume thick is better for carrying current. Live it up. Amaze your friends! Good luck.