speaker cables for Eggleston Andra 11's

Just purchased this pair,and they are fabulous. Looking for a synergistic match with speaker cables. Those speaker cables that do particularly well with vocals, and ofcourse, midrange. Feedback would be apprerciated.
Well, you've spent enough on the Andra II's to want to hear what they can REALLY do. I use Purist Dominus Rev. B bi-wire on them, and the result is simply amazing. Used, Dominus is just barely affordable. The next best thing I've found is HMS Gran Finale Top Match bi-wire, which is a a warm and detailed cable and a great match in terms of complementing the qualities of the speaker, at a very reasonable price, but can't match the Dominus (not that anything I've ever found does). Whatever you use, bi-wiring makes a substantial difference--jumpers don't seem to work well on the Andra II's, no matter how good the cables are.
Larryr, can you at least tell me what amp, preamp,
cdp,what type of music you listen?