Speaker cables for Von Schweikert VR5SE

I'm interested in learning what others have used for cabling these speakers. Since this speaker has two modules, each with its own speaker terminals separated by some 24", VSA strongly recommends running two separate pairs of cables - one to each module, though it's obviously possible to use one regular pair of cables in conjunction with a lengthy jumper pair to connect the modules or an internal biwire with extra long tails.

Right now, as I am breaking the speakers in, I'm using two pairs of my own basic 12g cable, self terminated with spades, and they sound pretty ok with my BAT VK500 but I'm going to get a neater solution in due course, even if it's only a pair of cheap Cobalts or Anti Cables. So, if you have these speakers and have found a particularly good match, let me know. Also, if you have run them with jumpers rather than two pairs, I'd be keen to learn if you thought this better or different.
I am running Synergistic Research Telsa Accelerator using their IFT Bi-Wire config with my 4SR's and am quite pleased with them.

Enjoy your new speakers!
I thought the VR4genIIIHSE sounded more whole and integrated with 2 same lenght cables to top and bottom than with the jumper, more natural sounding in my view.

I do think many cables are hyped and overpriced and in my opinion one can DIY good cables.Check what VS writes about difference between solid core,multistrand,copper and silver,and I say thats very similar to my own conclusion.I also like to use natural material around the bare cables,like for example cotton sleevings.There is never one right cable for all set-ups,its all about matching so try different things,but usually if you find out what VS use as internal wiring that will in my opinion almost always be a good match.

For update, I am running these now with double runs (shotgun) of Audio Art SC5, so far so good, probably better than my self-terminated 12awg. Better in that there appears to be more detail but probably less pronounced bass (leaner but more discernible attack and decay). At least that is what my ears tell me after 25 hours or so of casual listening. My wife told me she noticed a difference just walking through the room. The Audio Arts are supposed to need 80-100 hours to reach their final sound. I'll let them run in and then swap back to see if I can tell a real difference.

After doing extensive search for clear evidence of cable differences, it's clear that unsighted comparisons of cables are definitely not common. You can draw your own conclusions from that fact but you might enjoy the following thread from AVS: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=918365. Be sure to read to the end.
I own VR-7 SE speakers and I really recommend that you use TRUE bi-wire cables with your speakers. I have used many top brands (shunyata, transparent, Tara Labs etc.) with my speakers. At the moment I use Ridge Street Audio Alethias bi-wire cables with great results.
David Weinhart in LA just sold me a pair of Harmonic Technology Pro 9 plus reference speaker cables with separate runs for the tweeter and woofer.  Right off the bat, these outshine my Shunyata Research Anacondas with High Fidelity Cables extra long jumpers.  I couldn't be more happier in the $700 range.