Speaker cables or AC regenerator?

After my latest audio binge (monoblock and speakers) I have a little bit of funds left over. I am thinking of either getting new speaker cables or an AC regenerator (PS Audio P-500). So my question is: "Will new speaker cables or an ac regen system give me more bang for the buck?"

Thanks in advance...
I lot of people have found that cleaning up the power made a much bigger difference that they thought. Unless you speaker cables are everyday zip cord consider clean power.
Your PAD AA spkr cables are already in the 90 percentile of all speaker cables, so to me anyway it's a clear choice: definitely a PR (unless you're in your own house and can do dedicated circuits instead.)

If you've read my other posts, you know I'm an ExactPower fan -- primarily because

1.) Their efficient operation (don't throw away a lot of electricity.) and,

2.) Their capacity is way high enough for big amps too, so you don't have to leave those plugged into the wall.

At some point, you might want to score yourself a pair of Venustas spkr cables (or Dominus if you can afford them) but you'll hear a lot more improvement for your money right now with a PR.
Thanks nsgarch and mark02131. I was thinking along the same lines. Even though I own my home putting in dedicated lines will be real big pain in terms of having to tear up the dry wall and snaking some heavy gauge wires to my listening areas. Also, I am not so sure my gear is going to be staying there for too much longer. So I think the AC regen is the way to go, besides even if I do get a dedicated line, I am not sure I am getting clean power from the outlets.

I am going to start with a small ac regen unit for my cdp and preamp then think of either dedicated lines or some large ac regen for the amps.

Thanks again guys!
Let us know if the AC device makes a difference... I for one am betting you'll be shocked (no pun intended)!
tobias, are you saying that I will definitely hear a difference with the ac regen unit? What kind of difference will I hear?

I am getting pretty excited...
Tboooe, I have tried three kinds of power treatment on my various CDPs and
in every case, high, low or middle end the treatments made the units much
nicer to listen to. It just seems to me that digital gear is very much more
sensitive to AC crud than some people like to think. Although I have not tried
a power regenerator I am betting that the effect will be similar, and that you
will like it.

The only unit I have had that was not particularly affected by AC treatment
was my present DAC, an Apogee DA-1000E, which has an outboard power
supply of apparently very high quality.

The three kinds of treatment I know (apart from dedicated AC lines): premium
cords, filter caps across the AC line, isolation transformers. The differences
include soundstage size and dimensionality, clarity across the range,
transparency, microdetail, noise floor.

Measures to isolate the player from vibration are also very well worth trying.