Speaker Cables - Revelation, Elrod, Violin or FIM?

Hi Folks:
I've been upgrading my system of late, and latest step is now speaker cables. I'm keen to get recommendations on some good high end cables to compliment my system which includes JM Lab Diva Utopia Be, KR Audio tube amps, Supratek Syrah pre, Northstar digital rig and Teres/ZYX analog rig with an air-bearing tonearm.

So far I'm narrowed my choice of speaker down to a few contenders on the used market - Virtual Dynamics Revelation, Concierto Violin, Elrod or FIM/CRL Gold. I've owned the FIM Gold before, and really liked it but would be up for trying something new. I'm currently using a pair of kit cables from the 47 Labs OTA Sakura cable kit. They are simple copper wires which are just .4mm thick. I think I need something more beefy ;-)

Anyway, I'd value advice, particularly from folks whove heard two or more of the cables above, or would welcome recommendations on other cables. I'm keen to spend less than $1,000 but can stretch to more $$ for the Revalation if they truly are better than the others. I'm hoping for these speaker cables to be my last (famous last words).

Outlier,the cost of admission is fairly steep if you choose the VD Revelation route.I have seen a fair selection available on the Gon,and feel that this cable competes with the very best outhere.If you buy used then you will eliminate the break in process ( which is easily 250-350 hours on the Rev cables)and save a fair amount of coin vs new prices.Be warned that you really must use the same cable throughout your system to get what these cables can do.Cable synergy is real and has a profound efffect if cables do not match with the type of electrical phase and build construction.I am a huge VD fan and started with the Audition -Nite-Nite2-Master-Revelation-Revelation Signature(this cable is so natural that it redefines the listening experience in a very substantial way).By the way,the power cords make amps and cdp sound like they are supercharged in dynamics and resolution.Bewarned, that the Revelation will show any short comings of your system,both electrically and any sonic anomalies (equipment non linarities).If you want a cable that truly steps out of the way, then the Vd Revelation is cable. I could use the Revelation as my desert island cable for the rest of my life.Good hunting and take care Dennis
I don't want to be contrarian or mean spirited or anything of the like but it appears you have invested a great deal of money in your system save the Syrah which is a bargain. Nonetheless pride of ownership appears to be important to you. If I am correct simply buy the most prestigious (expensive) cables you are thinking of. I Think the top of the VD cables might be the ones. You know even if the FIM sound better it will never match the level of investment you have made. I would also recommend the Dreamweavers from Jena labs man are those impressive.
On the other hand with my much less expensive but serious system also using JM lab speakers but the lesser Electra 936s. I did a cable shoot out. I had been using a rather inexpensive Phoenix Gold Biwire just copper. My pal brought over some high caliber cables I had amassed some serious cables but not as expensive as the ones you mention,e.g. Audioquest Midnights a previous long time champion , A silver coated copper biwire, Coincident top of the line etc. We listened objectively and there was absolutely a clear winner . It was of course the least expensive the Phoenix Golds!
I would seriously stick with the FIM if it makes you happy. I would experiment with less expensive cables if I were you. You may find that they are really better, maybe not I don't how many you auditoned, but don't discount them unless you are sure they don't make your sound the way you like it.
Guys, thanks for the input so far. Mechans - yes, those Jena Labs Dream Dancers do look fantastic. I've thought of Jena for sure, although their Pathfinders and Dream Dancers typically run a bit too expensive for my budget. In terms of pride-of-ownership, I'm definitely happy to use a cheaper cable, if it is indeed better. Although, I've used a few cables to learn that I typically do get better results from the more expensive cables, so am happy to invest more to get better results. I especially don't want to short-change the rest of my system which has been quite an investment. The VD Revelation do seem like a safe bet, but I mention the Concierto Violin and Elrod because they are less known and cheaper, but may conceivably be better than the Revelation. I could indeed try the FIM again, but part of the fun of the hobby for me is trying something new and different.
Just to update, I decided to purchase a pair of the Elrod speaker cables. So far, so good.
I haven't heard David's new speaker cables, but I'm sure they are very good. I do own Revelation cables, both ICs and biwire speaker cables and I'm not even interested in auditioning David's cables at this point - that's how happy I am with the Revelations.

Please be sure and post your impressions of your new Elrod cables - I'm sure many of his existing customers (like myself) would be curious.

Best of luck with the new cables.