speaker cables?straightwire maestro vs.

straightwire maestro 10 ft. runs single wired to Aerial 10t's from Spectron amp. ANY EXPERIENCE WITH THESE CABLES VS. ANALYSIS PLUS OVAL 9'S??? tHANKS, NEIL
I tried Straightwire Virtuoso and compaired it against Kimber 8TC and AudioTruth Dragon. The SW was nice, but I preferred the 8TC over it. Since this Kimber is under the price of the Analysis Plus, you might consider it before the AP...just a thought.
Clearsound, I have tried Straightwire Maestro Speaker cables with Martin Logans and Thiels, and with both SS and tube amps. In both cases I was able to compare them with a number of other cables including Straightwire Virtuoso and Kimber 8TC (but no Analysis Plus). Each time the Straightwire Maestro exhibited an appealing smoothness and restraint. But what did not seem right about it was a lightness of touch. Pardon the vulgarity of my metaphor, but it was kind of like when your voice goes up a bit while holding back a belch. Maestro speaker cable sounds as if it could do with a good belch. I would not call it bright, although the Maestro interconnect is bright with a big bottom-end. In fact the only time I have heard the Maestro speaker cable sound OK was on someone else's system when it was teamed with Maestro interconnect. I suspect the big bottom-end of the interconnect helped flesh out the lightness of the speaker cable, and the smooth restraint of the speaker cable helped tame the bright forward nature of the interconnect. But whenever I tried it, I could admire its detail and refinement, but could not get it to thrill me with the music. Carl is right to suggest 8TC. In some systems it can work wonders at a great price. In others it can sound a bit rough. But it always manages to make music. Good luck!
Yes, 8TC can sound a tad rough, and indeed the SW Virtuoso was smoother. But compared with Dragon, 8TC is actually MORE DYNAMIC. It's just that drum sticks sound a little like they're made of rubber, instead of hardwood. Virtuoso was leaning in that direction also, compared to Dragon, and didn't have the dynamics of Dragon OR 8TC. They hit with more weight with 8TC, but don't have the "snap" that is actually there in the recording. I REALLY DON'T THINK ANYTHING CAN TOUCH 8TC FOR THE PRICE, but I'm still looking. I got the Dragon used at a terrific price, but it's a little too short for comfort. I make do though, and it really makes music (it's not perfect, either, just the closest I've gotten "to the music")! ONE OTHER CABLE THAT IS REALLY GREAT IS THE MUSIC METRE SILVER. It actually has a more natural midrange than the Dragon, but the rest of it's range isn't as good. IT MIGHT BE BETTER OVERALL THAN 8TC, I haven't decided yet. A FULL RANGE DOUBLE RUN OF IT WOULD CERTAINLY BE BETTER THAN 8TC OR VIRTUOSO, and might equal Dragon in most areas. DOUBLE RUNNING is the only real way a cable like NORDOST SPM CAN GET THE PRAISE IT'S GOTTEN BY ALL THE MAGAZINE REVIEWERS (that's the way most of them have used it). BUT FOR THE SMALL AMOUNT OF CONDUCTOR CROSS SECTIONAL AREA YOU GET with SPM, it's DEFINITELY NOT a good buy (unless you're a priviledged reviewer who gets preferential treatment, and gets to buy it at UNDER DEALER COST). Even the used asking prices are over valued...kinda like Wireworld, only you do get a little more conductor for your dollar (than Nordost), especially with Gold Eclipse 3. THAT'S THE REALITY, hope I don't stomp on too many toes, for now, heh heh. IF YOU HAVE A TUBE AMP that can't drive capacitive loads, then the only thing you can use is a smaller cable...just don't expect to have the effortless dynamic impact of the big ss amps...