Speaker & IC cable for Avantgarde Duos

What speaker cables do you use on Avantgardes ? Mono or Biwire, jumpers ???
I have 300B tube integrated KR Audio 340 and Capitole mk II.
Any recommendation for speaker cables and IC? THX
I have and strongly recommend Cardas Golden Reference speaker cables and interlinks. Pricey but they're the best. Not bi-wired. Jumpers should be the Cardas ones used on the 3.0 with spade terminations
I drive a Duo 3.2 pair with the Yamamoto A-08 stereo amp (replaced Wavelength Venus). After trying a number of more expensive cables, including Nirvana SX (grossly overpriced, disappointing performance), I ended up with Grover Huffman's silver UR (8' speaker cables and 2' jumpers confiqured like the Cardas jumpers supplied by Avantgarde). The total cost for the speakers cables and jumpers was around $400. I also use his UR interconnects(around $175/1m pr).
BTW, check out Jeff Day's recent review at 6moons.