Speaker jumpers

I have a pair of 805 Diamonds with the stock jumpers in place.Has anybody replaced these with upgraded jumper wires and got better sound?Do you think it would make a noticeable improvement?Factory jumpers look pretty wimpy for expensive speakers.Thanks!
replacing speaker jumpers improved the sound on both of my sound systems. i agree some stock jumpers are better than others, but most speakers can be further improved with better aftermarket cabling- the trick is to find the right ones for your speakers. if unable to sample a few different ones to experiment, try using the same cable as your main speaker cable.
like most forums, ask 10 different people, and you'll get 10 different answers- dont expect any solutions, just more questions to ponder... :) 
Replacing stock jumpers make a significant improvement. Best to use same wire as main speaker wire if possible but many companies make quality jumpers ie nordost. There is also a belief that rather than running a bi wire set run a quality main set and the jumpers to the other set of speaker terminals- nordost now believes this provides better sound. I was running a bi wire set to my b&w 800d and are now running nordost Valhalla single run with Valhalla jumpers to the other terminal set. The stock jumpers provided with many speakers are junk.
Almost all stock jumpers are brass. All inexpensive audio equipment wiring, connectors and inputs are brass. Which is a main reason why they are inexpensive and sound like crap. You should at least upgrade to copper jumpers. And even a *single* strand of minimally thick 99% copper wire will improve the sound and clean current flow 100 fold. A single strand!
I just went through this about two weeks ago. I have a pair of Sonus Faber Amati Futura's and just tried Transparent Audio's jumpers and to my ears they were worse. I'm sticking with the ones from Sonus Faber.