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Isoacoustics overweight
I had the same issue with my speakers. I was looking at the first version supporting up to 220lbs, my speakers 275lbs each. Called the company to see if they would take the weight of my speakers. Too heavy but there is some room for greater weight... 
Pass INT-250 for B&W 800's
One of my audio friends has the 802D2 and just purchased the new mac 12000 integrated amp. The sound is fantastic and it mates very well with his B&W's. I have a pair of 800D and I have been considering replacing my Edge pre and power amps wit... 
Beginner choosing amp help
Check out the moon ace. 50 watt amp, good phonostage and built in dac and streaming capability for tidal etc. Best wishes. 
Going to try a tube integrated.
Allnic makes a tube integrated about 70 - to 100 watts for anniversary model. Great gear.  
Who makes great active preamps ? Tube or solid state or hybrid.
Audio Research, Allnic, Moon, BAT, VTL 
Highest BUILD quality tube amps?
Allnic. I have 2 pieces, very nice and reliable.  
An audiophilic music lovers Christmas!
Try John Butler trio new album, really like the new Richard Thompson as well. New John Prine also good. Best wishes  
OPINIONS PLEASE - Phonostage for new Rega P8/Apheta 2 - Sutherland 20/20 or Allnic 1201
Love your system. I got back into vinyl several yrs ago and love it. I am using an Allnic h-3000 and know you would be very pleased with the Allnic product. I like the blend of tubes an s.s  particularly with preamp and phonostage. A close friend ... 
Which Amp to complete my system?
Top Allnic tube integrated. Great match with your speaker.  
Why Power Cables Affect Sound
My good audio retailers and the audio literature have indicated that power cables are of first importance in cabling upgrades. I have always done my power amp first because it benefits my whole system. Interesting that many equipment upgrades feat... 
Where do cables upgrades have the most impact?
Info from audio shops indicated order of importance #1 power cord, #2 interconnect followed by speaker cable 
Good FM tuner for around $1K
Magnum Dynalab- one of best tuners on market. Tube options available  
What is the most dramatic way of increasing a speaker's Bass and Low mid?
I am having the same problem with my b&w 800d. Suspended wood floor with 13/32" subfloor of particalboard. Crappy. Need to decouple speaker from floor. Spikes will couple the speaker to the floor. Isoacoustics have  newer product - footer that... 
What separate tube phono stage do you use ?
Allnic H-3000, new model is H-7000 I believe. Excellent phonostage. 
Best MM?
Clearaudio maestro better than 2m black. Clearaudio also has new mm called Charisma at arouns$2000. Suppose to be very good, offers best attributes of mm and mc. I think this is now the top mm on the market.