speaker recomendation

looking for ideas preferably for a mini monitor for low listening levels in a living room as a second system. although i know it is difficult, I would like to have a decent bottom end along with a high end not to bright(when no one is around i may occasionally play at higher volume for myself.) just a few of my thoughts have been the Taylor mini monitors or the Epos els-3. Would like to keep it at a budget of around 1500.
Recommend the Infinity Intermezzo 2.6 for excellent bass and flat frequency response, if you can find a pair. Get the active version with RABOS, not the passive version.
I have PSB Stratus Minis for a second system and love them. They have excellent non-fatiguing highs and can go surprisingly low. They are 4 ohm speakers with 86 db sensitivity and so need some solid power.
im using a musical fidelity x-150 integrated. would also consider a small floorstander if it would improve the bottom end over a monitor. a sub is out of the question as of now.
Green Mountain Audio Europa or Europa Max would be a great choice. 90 db effecient, first order crossover, dead quiet cabinet design and outstanding value by a first rate company. Vast amount of information on their website:


Nola Minis, if you can find them, are fantastic and only around $699. Open, dynamic and bass extends down into the 50s. For review:
Definitely the Tylers at your price point would be the solution I would recommend based on what you are looking for (and outright performance to my ears at that price point).

Lots of buzz about the Amphion Argon II. http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/amphion_argon2.htm
I second the De Capo i . Though they maybe difficult to find for that price . They seldom come up for sale and usually go fast when they do .
Sorry , just saw that you are using a SS amp . The De Capo's really do much better with tubes .
thanks for the responses. am familiar with most of the recomendations. the taylo mini monitors and the gma europas have both caught my interest but it seems difficult to audition them. i enjoy mainly rock music with occasional jazz thrown in and once again stress that it would be at moderate sound levels.the room is fairly big(20x14)so i wouldnt expect it to fill the room but would like to hear a little bottom end. if anyone can elaborate a little on either speaker it would be helpful. tks
I'll second the Nola Minis. They meet or exceed all your criteria.

They have surprising bass heft for monitors and are very pleasing with rock. The main thing for your type of listening is that they have superb dynamics and dynamic contrast, along with a pleasing transparency and large stage. They will not get congested or veiled, especially in a medium sized room as yours. The treble is very sweet and extended, not bright and not rolled off.

These attributes are as important at low to medium listening levels as they are at louder levels. They are happy with modest electronics but will truly sing with high class gear. I would think they would be a good match with your MF integrated.

The Minis are my standard rec for monitors under 2k, even though they only list for $695.00.

I've seen the Minis playing next to Carl's full range Vipers ($6500) and people didn't realize the sound as coming frm those little boxes!

Forget the Epos LS3s - they are OK but not quite good enough given your budget. The Epos M5s are a little closer, but don't have the Minis bass extnsion.

The only knock I have on the Minis is that they are plain black boxes - but they sund great, so I can easily forgive them that.

But hey, if you want to spend much more money on speakers that don't sound nearly as good - I can't help ya.