speaker recomendation

looking for ideas preferably for a mini monitor for low listening levels in a living room as a second system. although i know it is difficult, I would like to have a decent bottom end along with a high end not to bright(when no one is around i may occasionally play at higher volume for myself.) just a few of my thoughts have been the Taylor mini monitors or the Epos els-3. Would like to keep it at a budget of around 1500.
Nola Minis, if you can find them, are fantastic and only around $699. Open, dynamic and bass extends down into the 50s. For review:
Definitely the Tylers at your price point would be the solution I would recommend based on what you are looking for (and outright performance to my ears at that price point).

Lots of buzz about the Amphion Argon II. http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/amphion_argon2.htm