Speaker recommendation

I’m looking to buy a speaker in the $4000-5000 range. I was very impressed with the GoldenEar Trton 1 speaker I heard at a friend’s house, and I know the Tekton DI is very well thought of on this forum.
 I listen to mostly classical music, some Diana Krall and the like, and also big band music.
Any other suggestions?

If you listen to mostly classical music, then Sonus Faber is a good choice.

Above one appears to be good value to me.

It is not my speaker ad.

I also recommend new Rogue  Cronus Magnum II integrated amplifier to drive the speakers.

The combined price is less than 5K.
Your decision tree should reflect brands (and models) with a demonstrated bona fide synergy with the rest of your system.

A selection process predicated primarily on an arbitrary price point at the exclusion of this is a proven recipe for disappointment. There are many ad hoc choices out there, but One size does not fit all.

First steps- .. I suggest that you roll up your sleeves and do your research ...e.g. start with publication audio show reviews of speaker brands that were paired up with your electronics .

Before you shell out the cash, actually attending an audio palooza is an invaluable next step in demoing the list with a view to distill the contenders from the pretenders out there that need to be culled from the herd.

You should list your other gear in the virtual system before asking for recommendations. Room size, amplification, source, etc., etc.