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Fantasy or reality? Inexpensive solid state preamps that get you 80% there?
For 2k if you are patient you should be able to snag an Aesthetix Calypso.  In my opinion its a viable competitor to the Pass and Ayre solid state preamps you mentioned above.  
LS50 Wireless fail, or is old gear that good?
I am coming from a different newlywed daughter and son in law have $2,000 set aside for a stereo system and the easiest way to deliver in their budget was an all in one speaker like the Kef ls50 wireless of the Dynaudio XEO 20.  Going ... 
Charlotte, NC
Hi Dave,You did nothing wrong......nice to see that Tammy from AGON support is going to show you how to create a wanted ad.  I don't know anyone who has McIntosh gear so if you don't see it listed on AGON or any of the other used audio sites the w... 
Speaker recommendation
In the used category you could pick up the Aerial 7-T speakers in price range. 
Which DAC as a preamp?
Another vote for the Aesthetix Pandora with volume control.  Have not hear any of the others mentioned.  In my setup the Pandora is running into an Audio Research Ref 75 amp.   
I hate biasing!
Pin the tail on the donkey is a great analogy.....I do have the yellow biasing tool....not sure how many hours are on the the 6-8 week intervals there is not a lot of drift but eneough that I want to use the tool to adjust. I would lo... 
I hate biasing!
Once I get the plastic bias tool into the podemeter adjustment screw the biasing is a snap.  Just can take awhile to get the plastic tool into the relatively small adjustment.  I am typically biasing ever 4 to 6 weeks. 
Very Bad purchase from upscale audio Acoustic Zen Adagio
I second the endorsement of Andy at Tube Vintage Services....have never been dissapointed and would not consider shopping elsewhere. 
Roon I-Pad App
Thanks DT....Roon got back to me late today and pretty much confirmed what you stated above. 
Refined SS Stereo pwr amps under 10K?
At the under 10 grand price point the Pass XA-100.5 should certainly be on the consideration set. With the new XA 100.8 series out the used pricing on these amps have dropped. Still very expensive but if I was going to allocate up to 10K for ampli... 
Will a Aerial Acoustic CC5 work w Rockport Atria
Have you tried using your Rockport's with the processor sent to phantom center. Primary center use is targeted towards vocals so unless you are going to have very off center seating where the middle channel speaker is necessary to keep the dialogu... 
Best Rock Album of 2014
For those who like Lana Del Ray give the MS MR CD a listen . 
DAC Recommendation around 2.5K
Can't believe there has been no mention of the Ayre QB-9. Does 24/192. 
Aesthetix Calypso getting hot on the left side
I have a Janus and previously had a Calyso. The left chanel tube is much close to the left side than the right channel tube is to the right left side is warmer than the right side. I don't believe you have an issue. 
Solid State Preamps
Since you have the Marantz amps, you may want to try the Marantz 7S2 pre-amp. If it had HT pass-thru I would have strongly considered keeping the one I sold close to 3 years ago.