Speaker recommendation

Im considering Totem Hawks (a big purchase for my budget) but dont know if it will be a good match for my gear/room. What do you think? I have a McCormack Pre-amp and McCormack DNA .5 amp which produces a very clean and sweet 100 watts per channel. My room is concrete floor with drywall walls, open to the rest of the house at 1 end of the room. If not the Hawks, any suggestions. Thanks.
I think you'll be happy with the combination. I have the Hawks and find that they sound great with a wide variety of amplifiers, both SS and tube.

Hi Todd,

(Disclaimer)I have a pair of Hawks currently for sale.
I've used the Hawks with the DNA1 Deluxe for a little over a year and think they mate quite well. I'm not sure of the type of music you listen to or how loud you like to play, but I think 100 watts would be fine with the Hawks. I'd suggest searching the forums for a little more info. Please contact me if you'd like to discuss.