Speaker recommendation

Im considering Totem Hawks (a big purchase for my budget) but dont know if it will be a good match for my gear/room. What do you think? I have a McCormack Pre-amp and McCormack DNA .5 amp which produces a very clean and sweet 100 watts per channel. My room is concrete floor with drywall walls, open to the rest of the house at 1 end of the room. If not the Hawks, any suggestions. Thanks.
I think you'd probably be ok with the McCormack and Totems. I thought long and hard about buying a pair of Hawks or Forests but ultimately decided against it. Why? Because they both have a frequency bump around 10 kHZ. I think with good equipment and someone predisposed to liking detail and forward highs, then this is probably the right speaker. High frequencies are the Archilles Heel in most systems for me so I took a pass on them. I went with Dynaudios and thought they sounded quite good.
IMHO. . . I truely like Vandersteins (2's, 3's or better). I don't own a pair myself, but every time I listen to a pair, I am truely impressed. No significant faults (except WAF, maybe), but they image well, deliver a pretty good bottom end, get the mid range right, and are a downright bargain (on the used market especially). Newer versions are preferable, signature series even better, and, the company is still around to support driver replacements, upgrades, new socks, etc. Happy Listening,
Acoustic Zen Adagio or Adagio Jr.'s are worth a demo. Less expensive, but also very good for the price is Dynaudio Acoustics BM15P 1099.00 or less for a pair new.
I wonder what size room you have.That would help in the equation and those sweet watts.
I think you'll be happy with the combination. I have the Hawks and find that they sound great with a wide variety of amplifiers, both SS and tube.

Hi Todd,

(Disclaimer)I have a pair of Hawks currently for sale.
I've used the Hawks with the DNA1 Deluxe for a little over a year and think they mate quite well. I'm not sure of the type of music you listen to or how loud you like to play, but I think 100 watts would be fine with the Hawks. I'd suggest searching the forums for a little more info. Please contact me if you'd like to discuss.