Speaker recommendation for a Fisher 500-c

I just bought a Fisher 500-c that I will be getting restored. I am looking for a speaker that will work well with it either vintage or current. While price plays a factor for arguments sake let's say no more than $2500. In addition to maybe exclusivly using with this receiver I may use with my Marantz 2270 or Mac MA-6600. 
Great amp you will love it. Good ideas above. Other ideas would be used harbeths, restored tannoy hpds, b&w floorstandsrs from the 1980s (trust me on this). For new speakers could try new tannoys. Enjoy. 

 I have just fired up the Fisher 100b integrated amp that I inherited from my dad. I had it refurbished, but not "restored"
looking to retain the original look and patina. I was wondering what speakers I would want to use it with, but could not make a decision and besides,
   I did not need another entirely new system. Long story short, I hooked it up in my main music room and it sounds amazingly good. I am using my Emm labs sacd transport and dac and Magico Q3s.
   The sounds is very relaxed and smooth without any strain or edge. I have listened to it for hours at a time, smiling all the while..I was concerned about the relatively low output ( about 20W ) with the Magico's 90db efficiency, but in the end it is not a problem in the least.
   Just my experience, but I would strongly suggest that you experiment with all manor of reasonably efficient speakers...you may well be very pleasantly surprised by the results...
Last year, I bought a Fisher 500-C and a Fisher 400. Both receivers were superbly restored by Analog Engineering Associates in California, and I highly recommend them if you have not already made other arrangements. AEA's roots go back to the early 1970's when Avery Fisher and Saul Marantz served on their Board of Directors. Enjoy your 500-C -- it's a great classic! I've used my 500-C with speakers ranging from my Vandy 3A Sig's to a vintage pair of KLH Model 6's and Mission Audio Silver RX2's (a really excellent small speaker, BTW).
If you can find a set of Audiokinesis loudspeakers you will do well. IMO a speaker that is easy to drive will be important.
Can anyone recommend a tech who is very good with tubes? Need some work on my Fisher 400 receiver, Im in the Dallas area, would prefer to deliver/pick up than trust UPS or FEDEX