Speaker recommendations for death metal...

I'll try to use the appropriate audio terms. Metal (death, grindcore, technical, progressive.) 300 BPM double-bass kicks drums, trem-picked A-tuned baritone guitars, so I think I'm looking for good transient bass. On the high side, trash and china and splash cymbals, but I want to hear each flavor of cymbal. Don't have to be towers, may scale down and do bookshelf-size and sub. Do I just get some used B&Ws? Budget, maybe $500/pair used.

I'm also thinking I may just build my next speakers, so also looking for any general input on engineering. Kind of tired of horns. I'm thinking I may want a sealed system, but open to suggestions including enclosure types, (sealed, transmission line, arrays,) baffle arrangements (MTM/D'Appolito, time/phase allignment,) drivers (#, size, brands,) x-overs (type, order,) etc. Thanks!

If I were to test such a speaker to an extreme:

Krisiun, Dying Fetus, Cryptopsy, Meshuggah, Decapitated, Strapping Young Lad, Opeth, Morbid Angel.

My current system:

Klipsch RF-3s (w/ homemade 10 lb. crossovers)
Nakamichi (some model, CD transport)
Adcom GDA-600 DAC (auction for 100 bucks)
Alesis 31 band graphic EQ
NAD C-350 Integrated (but also playing w/ Yamaha AX-900 a friend gave me.)
The much-maligned (by Audiophiles) Cerwin-Vega brand has long been a favorite of metal fans like yourself. The CLS-215 in particular has gotten some great reviews in print and web journals:


I haven't heard it, but based on your priorities and current equipment, it would seem to offer a lot of what you like about the Klipsch (high sensitivity, detailed highs) along with tons of slam, speed and full-range performance.

The MSRP is $600 each but I'm sure you can do better. In fact, my guess is that some people will buy them just out of curiosity because of the positive press. So, I'm sure some used pairs will make it to eBay and Audiogon soon.
Check out an omnidirectional design like the OHMs, which I am most familiar with, or if you have mega-bucks perhaps even MBLs.

Omni's will more fill the room with sound rather than blast it at you which is a big benefit for more naturally fatiguing genres like Death Metal. With a good matching amp, OHMs overall tonal balance is very neutral and non -fatifuing as well. The result would be ability to crank up the volume for good impact and dynamics with minimal fatigue and better yet less risk of damage to hearing.

By the way, these sound good with most any kind of music, not just "death metal", but they lend themselves particularly well to that genre.
i agree with the cerwin vegas guy--they have death metal written all over them. alternatively, try to find some of the powered polk series rt-4000p or rt-2000p--which are easily available used for $500 or so and have a more refined top end than the cvs. they have integrated subs for the basshead in you.