Speaker recommendations for Wadia 151/Apple MacBook office/studio system


I am working on a MacBook based office/studio system consisting of a Wadia 151 which is connected to a MacBook optical output to process the digital signal to analog. From the amp the signal goes to an AR SW 30 sub, thru the sub crossover then to the current speakers (Klipsch SM12 I think). The listening stage is pretty confined and sounds pretty good now, I am gonna upgrade the speakers soon. The rig will used 50/50 between stereo listening and GarageBand for my practice sessions. I am using an IRig HD 2 for the guitar interface. I hope to stay in the $500 range for better speakers, the Martin Logan LX 16 and wharfedale Denton anniversary speakers are of interest—any other recommendations?


I use and love Gallo A'Diva Ti speakers with my 2 Wadia 151's.  

Steve Wonder used a pair of the A'Diva speakers to mix one of his albums.