Speaker Upgrade

I am looking to upgrade my speakers in the used market. I am considering The B&W 803D, Sonus Faber Cremona M, Dynaudio Confidence C-2, and Usher BE - 10.
The room is 20x20 with 18' ceilings. They will be mains in a 5.1 set up for SACD's, audio Dvd's and home theater. They will also be used when 2 channel listening. The amp is The Emotive XPA5 at 200x5.
Your input will be greatly appreciated!

I guess my comments were a bit harsh but I'll never forget all the times I was Ignored at the audio store. Now the dealers call me begging to come in and audition the latest and greatest. I mostly just buy on Audiogon and take my chances. Luckily things have worked out so far.
Pkelly1504 I am in south jersey have you been to overture audio in Wilmington Deleware and soundex in Willow Grove PA yet;pretty knowledgable guys and a nice selection as well.
The speakers you're listing have so different characteristics, that I'm not sure what you really aim for upgrade or listening needs in general.

I would subtract B&W mentioned since they will not sound right with your amp.

Due to your extreamly high celiings, it's encouraged that you will build an acoustic trap another words building a stage 'tent'.

Please keep in mind that dealers often sell used speakers so you can pick them up to avoid shipping problems and charges. Not that I encourage or have any kind of interest recommending any dealers or stores, but definitely if possible, buy them locally. In Phili/Jersey I think there's a tons of possibilities from dealers and private sellers.
Magfan, I saw that too, but was so put off by the window shopping, I refrained from posting.
I am heading to Overtures and Hi Fi House this evening.
Soundex is appointment only and it has been tough nailing down a time.