Rogue Audio Metis Magnum upgrade.

I’ve been running a Metis for over 10 years. I have used it with a few different amps including an NAD 2400, Will Vincent ST-70 and a McCormack DNA-125. I have enjoyed it with all these combos. I like the design of it, I also like it has a phono pre-amp and a headphone amp. I have at least 10 pairs of 6sn7 tubes I can roll in it. Right now I’m using some GE 6sn7GTA’s from 1952.
My question is has anyone compared the sound of the stock Metis to the Magnum version? Since I like the pre I’m thinking of sending it in for an upgrade. I’ve searched the web, but haven’t really found any good comparisons.

Well by the responses I have received so far I can understand why I couldn't find much on the web.  Has anyone gone from any base Rogue equipment up to the same equipment in Magnum form?  I guess I'm just wondering if the improvement is worth the cost of the upgrade.  I have heard about great overall improvements on some brands of gear when they are hot rodded by the manufacturer, just wondering if this is one of them.

Hey Tommy!  I'm a Rogue Audio dealer, so will try to help as much as I can. Have you sent Mark/Nick an email at Rogue?  They are generally pretty straightforward and helpful with items like this.

Most of the upgrades I've seen in the past involved amps.  I don't remember ever sending a Metis in for the upgrade (and I don't remember what specific changes take place with the Metis).  Preamp changes with them usually involve power supply, cap and diode upgrades.

The Metis is a fun pre.  I imagine the upgrade would be a nice one for you.
Yes I have talked to them thru email.  This is what they told me.

We do still offer the Magnum Upgrade for the Metis. This upgrade will improve dynamics and detail, while providing a larger soundstage and better transparency. This upgrade is $450 + shipping and include the following:

- Larger power supply

- Power supply upgrades

- Hex Fred high speed diodes

- Coupling cap upgrades

- Polypropylene bypass capacitors in filters

- Dale Vishay resistors in critical spots

- Cardas output wiring

- Gold tube sockets

I just wanted to get some feedback from anyone who has had this or a similar mod done.

No experience with Rogue, but I've had some pieces upgraded by other manufacturers. $450 for all the above work plus they give your 10 year old preamp a thorough going over? I think it's a no brainer if you're planning on keeping the amp.

All the upgrades I've had done have been a noticeable improvement.

Well I sent my pre amp off to Rogue to get the magnum upgrade.  I took before pics of the inside, to see what is changed when I get it back.  I will post an update after I have a chance to listen to it for a while when it comes back.
tommy583, did you ever get this back? If so, can you share your before and after pics as well as your review of the upgrade?

Thank you.

I agree.  Man, for all they are doing for 450 dollars you did the right thing in your chase forever improving your sonics.  Can't believe you won't be happy with it.

Hey guys. Yes I got the Metis upgraded to magnum status. It took about a month from sending it there to getting it back. They even sent it back in a new box. I did take before and after pics if the inside, but I’m not sure how to post the pics here. I guess I can post them to my system page. From what I can tell they upgraded all the stuff they quoted including adding 2 larger coupling caps that weren’t in there before. The sound is more open and the dynamics increased noticeably. There is more bass slam and a quieter background overall. It really sounds like a new, better pre-amp. They sent a pair of new issue Tung Sol tubes with it as well. I didn’t try them though, I went with a pair of NOS Sylvania 6ns7W black base tubes. I also changed the power cord from a Signal cable magic to a JPS Labs PAC lite cable. I feel it was $450 plus shipping well spent. I really like it and plan on keeping it for a long time. I posted before and after pics on my system page.

Hey there.

Rogue lover here also have had and and still own several of thier amps.

I recently had to use their service department and am very impressed by their work.

Great place to do business with , Wish I could afford their Apollo Darks.