Speaker upgrade help needed: 4500$ used

Like you all I have the upgrade itch and have decided that the speakers are what I want to change out next.

1. My goal is the most holographic soundstage and best imaging I can afford at this price range
2. I have no preference between bookshelf and tower speakers
3. I have no bass requirements as I currently live in an apartment and wouldn't want the bass to annoy the neighbors anyway!
4. Resale value and demand is very important, so rare/old models or companies that come out with new versions/revisions each year are out of the question.
5. My next speaker upgrade probably wont be for 2-5 years
6. Appearence isn't important, although I'd like to keep a reasonable footprint for the speakers
7. This is for a 2 channel only system

My current system:
Tyler Reference Monitors
Plinius 8200 mkII integrated
Muse model 9 Sig version 4 (cdp)
Ridge Street MSE gII interconnect
Harmonic Tech ProAC-11 powercord
Signal Audio biwire shotgun speaker cable

Current room is 14x18, but I do consulting work and move every year or two (so not shopping for room specific speakers!)

The cd's I've been playing a lot of lately:
Cyndi Lauper - At Last
Patricia Barber - Cafe Blue
Cowboy Junkies - Trinity Sessions
Paul Simon - Graceland
Peter, Paul & Mary - 1st LP
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
Steely Dan - 2 Against Nature
Laureena McKennit - The Visit
Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac and Rumors

I have enjoyed the Tylers. They are my first step into home audio unless you count NHT SuperTwos. The Tylers were an ENORMOUS step-up from them in terms of clarity, seperation, imaging and soundstage. However, they dont get me to the toe tapping, emersed in the music state that I am looking for eventually.

My ear and audio vocabulary isn't at a point where I could say what I would like to improve upon or what in particular I'm looking for.

Speakers I'm considering:
B&W N 803
SF Electa Amator II
Merlin VSM-M
Aerial 10T
Von Schweikert VR4 JR
Martin Logan Request

any of these stand out above the rest?
any to remove? other recommendations?

Thanks for any help!
Check out the Reimer Tetons, my friend, they will make you smile, big time. Email me.

Yeah Maggie 3.6 are nice but don't be fooled by their "low" price -- they are much more expensive when you factor in the high-buck electronics that they demand like a spoiled child. They will punish you severely for any mediocre or second-tier equipment you put before them.

Read the reviews carefully and note the equipment used. Plus they will dominate your apartment unless you are The Donald.

I owned them, no, scratch that, THEY owned ME for 3 years. I had about $10K (retail) in cables, cdp, pre and amp in front of them and they didn't like that. My (box) speakers now (no I am not selling or shilling for them) are revealing but forgiving at the same time. The Maggies were both the best and the worst piece of audio equipment I ever bought.

They also did not sound too good at low or high volumes but that may have been my pauper's equipment.

If you can afford the primo gear to feed them and don't mind the look then run, don't walk to buy them.
Thiel loudspeakers are the most with equipment like yours. They completely disappear with some of the best digital. They have the widest and deepest soundstage that I have ever heard. You want to stick to models from the 2.3 and up. The 6 and (5i older model) and 7.2 are certainly magical and musical. Good equipment is not wasted on this speaker at all. Lots of space is required to sound natural. My current setup is:

Sony SCD-1, Theta Gen VA, Pass Labs x-2 , X-350, Thiel 2.3’s Harm Tech Pro Silway II, Pro-9, Audience Power Chords.

I also have to worry about my room measures 12 x 15 x 10 a non dedicated or closed listening room. I am using Jon Risch DIY acoustic panels (on the three(3) 1st reflection points and six(6) smaller panels on the front wall; these have made the greatest impact on sound stage depth. I also use 4 Jon Risch quick & dirty DIY bass traps. All of my materials cost less than $75.00. No tools involved. The Jon Risch DIY acoustics far exceed my expectations. Jon Risch is on the Audio Asylum. Under the Tweakers/DIY Asylum.

Enjoy, Dave
If you are after a holographic soundstage, IMO you are barking up the wrong tree to focus on speakers. The Plinius is not goin to yield that no matter what speeakers you pair off with it. I would recommend you go out an listen to a few tube-based systems if you are after a holographic soundstage. SET amplification would yield the most holographic soundstage. OTL would be a great candidate as well. Either may involve reconsidering both amps and speakers. Given the expense, I'd suggest you go give them a listen before taking that plunge. They would sound quite different from the SS you are used to.

I will agree with Kck in that Maggies come with a few more demands than some speakers. Placement and power have to be considered carefully. They have a large dealer network and a respected history, and don't seem hard to get rid of here. Seek them out in your area, then make your call.