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Anticables, Morrow Cables SP1 or PNF Cables
Dogmcd, looks like you have sold your PNF cables already? 
Best amps for Totem hawks?? please help
Currently with my Hawks: Lyngdorf TDAi 2200. Previously: Plinius 8150.Both lovely, the Plinius is a bit more lush and lively, the Lyngdorf more neutral. I could live with either. Either way, the Hawk is a superb piece of work. 
Which class d amp?
I have heard, in chrono order over the years:H2O 250 sig (early model - and it's the only one I haven't actually owned from this list).Spectron M2RedWine Sig 30Nuforce Ref9 V2Bel Canto S300PS Audio A100NHT Power2Channel Islands D200All have come a... 
any one who has herd cambridge dac magic
I recently acquired this to to compare to my Lavry DA-10 (NOS), which has been a longstanding favorite for me.The DA-10 is a little more full-sounding, while the DACMagic is a bit smoother, no doubt due to oversampling. It is **slightly**, and I m... 
Modwright Transporter VS Transporter w/DAC
During the brief time I owned the TP I compared it to a stock SB3 with Lavry DA-10 as well as the Bel Canto DAC3 and preferred the SB3+(either)DAC combo, even though the two DACs are quite different in their presentation. I can't recall if I tried... 
Manley Stingray EL 84 tube recommendations please
Very much liked the JJ EL84 with my Stingray. I have a nearly new octet that I am not using as I sold the amp. Let me know if you'd be interested. 
What is the Best Integrated tube amp you heard
OP: So why are you selling it?http://www.audiocircle.com/circles/index.php?topic=63776.0 
Magnepan 3.6 ship to overseas
I took shipment of 3.6 from the factory, years ago. In addition to the cardboard box, they used metal straps to attach it to a customer-sized pallet and sent it special freight. This shipment was to remedy the original 3.6 that someone shipped to ... 
Parasound 1500A amp extremely hot even at idle?
I drove Magnepan 3.6 with my 1500A years ago, a somewhat difficult load, to high volume in a large room. Never got more than mildly warm. 
Nuforce Icon owners?
My daughter is doing this with Infinity 150s and an Energy 8" sub and an iPod as the source. The sub is fed by the single preamp out. Very nice sound btw. 
Integrated amp with internal DAC?
Second the Decco. Excellent build, swiss-army knife functionality, good sound, all the features he needs, and well under budget. 
Whats under your Shindo?
My Ankledo 
What Solid State PreAmp?
For the most part, I agree with Dcstep. That is, once in a certain price range (ie, higher, say over $3K although to some that's not so high), the preamp should be voiced by the designer who knows what he's doing, and should have the guts to say, ... 
Emerald Physics CS-2, Opinions Please
Brian, enjoyed reading your perspective. Your style of communication is near-poetic and the report was quite fresh and insightful. Thanks. The resale numbers are actually a fairly common occurrence among new-on-market/new concept audiophile gear, ... 
Emerald Physics CS-2, Opinions Please
Duke, good info and worth keeping in one's back pocket. IMO what makes for integrity is not that you blindly repeat the same thing for ever, but that you are open to new info and can recognize good with bad and acknowledge both, and pitch your ten...