Speaker upgrade question - Wilson vs Focal

Hey audiogoners!

Thinking of upgrading and need the community/expert input.

Thinking of upgrading from a set of usher mini ones that I've had and loved for a few years.

I listened to a bunch of speakers, Focus Audio, Martin Logan, B&w, higher end ushers, Wilson audio, and Focal.

The ones I liked the most were the Wilson Audio Sasha DAW and the Focal Sopra 3. 

Loved the forward and detailed instrumentation on the Wilson's, especially the Sasha DAW, but liked the vocals slightly better on the sopras, though instrumentation on them was not as crisp as on Wilson's. But the two are very close.

Music is mostly jazz, classical, light rock, electronic and occasionally symphonic metal / European metal (night wish, sonata Arctica, dream theater). Mostly jazz though, vocal and instrumental. 

Trying to decide between getting the Wilson audio yvette, ( Sasha is too expensive and Sabrina's don't deliver enough) and Focal Sopra 3. Though I can wait a few years and get the Sasha then second hand.

I won't be considering other brands since I already did that research run around. These two brands work best for me and synergize well with my inwall home theater speakers (origin d87s).

I will be powering them using a McIntosh mc452 /C2600 for 2 channel, mostly LPs (McIntosh mt10) and tidal streaming and a anthem 1120 for home theater. 

What you guys think? Go for the Yvettes, wait for the Sasha's or go for the focals? 


I have Usher BE20s with the upgraded GR Research crossover and they are stellar IMO. They will be up for sale replaced by the much more expensive Vivid Giya G2 S2s. I demo'd Wilson, Vandersteen, Focal, TAD, etc. and the only 2 brands that "beat" the Ushers were the Vandersteen 6 and Vivid Giyas (at 2x+ the Usher's price). Ping me if you are interested, at <$10K used they are one of the best to my ears.
Whatever you decide, do not buy the older Wilson speakers with the awful inverted tweeter. 
Have been searching for new speakers to replace my 14 year old Avalon Opus. Finally it has come down to Rockport Atria IIs and Wilson Yvette's.

I had the Rockports for a 3 week in home audition. The tweeters burned my ears off. So much, that I went to an ear specialist and had a hearing test. A little loss of high frequencys but at age 68, quite normal.

I have had the Yvette's for 4 days in home and cannot find faults.I expect to have the Yvette's for 2 weeks. As I tweak their position, They just get better.

My Pass 160.8s have no problem driving them. I think these will be my keepers.
I own the Utopia Evo Scala, which continue to evolve over time.  At first I thought I'd made a mistake chasing gear, but as time went on, they are becoming much more musical and less aggressive, especially in the treble. I came from Sonus Faber, and while they were very musical and on the warm side of neutral, I wanted more attack, separation and a natural sound.  And I think I've found that in my Focals.  An important note is you have to pair it with the right gear.  With Luxman, no bueno, Krell and Lampizator OMG.  I think SS amp and tube pre is the way to go.  BTW, the Sopra line is also fantastic.  Wilsons, I've never been a fan as they are exciting at first like getting into a hotrod, but then that fatigue sets in and you don't have that ease.  I do remember that the DAW had crazy bottom end, tight and deep and wide like the way I like my women, lol.