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Need help chosing a preamp
Erik I agree with you that the magic more in the preamp and Dac. I own and absolutely enjoy Nagra tube Dac, I’m wondering which would be the optimal path. Looking for organic live sound peeking on the warm side of neutral.   
DAC upgrade
Similar situation and wondering if instead of upgrading the DAC, would getting a great preamp do the trick and eliminate the DAC all together?  
Hello all.  Im in a similar situation.  Would upgrading to a preamp solve the issue and take the DAC out of the equation.    
Magico and Tube amp
Narrowed down to CAT JL7 se and Tube like amp Gryphon antileon Evo. Anyone hear the Gryphon with Magico?    
Magico and Tube amp
Hey joey_v, nice to have another M2 owner on the prowl with. How do you like the Boulder? What other amps have you tried and to finally land on the current 2 in your possession. My gut feeling, for the sound Im looking for, tube amp is what’s lack... 
Magico and Tube amp
Any particular CAT amp model you have in mind.   
Magico and Tube amp
@ghdprentice That’s the issue I’m having having heard the M3 with Constellation and currently using my bothers Luxman 900. Music has is not engaging.  Did the ARC 160 have enough power to handle the bass?  
Luxman M900U Paired with VAC Signature MKIIa SE
My experience with the Luxman M900U is that system matching is important.  I paired it with Focal Utopia Evo and man was it harsh and sterile sounding and I had the lampizator pacific dac and Conrad Johnson GAT2 preamp.  No Bueno.  Now its a diffe... 
Takedown of pricey servers, streamers OCD HiFi guy
I personally have the sonore signature rendu, melco streamer, and the pink faun 2.16x and I can tell you streamers do make a vast difference.  I tricked my brother and had the sonore playing and he l expressed that he was sorry I paid that much fi... 
Easily the best and most significant sonic tweak one could ever make!
OMG I thought I was wasting my money in this hobby as I have tinnitus.  Just realized this last year.  I’ve always thought the ringing was normal.  Turns out my dad like to put me on his motorcycle growing up in Vietnam.  Thanks for sharing and ma... 
High end stereo preamps? Worth it?
I never tried dac direct however have upgraded from a older Krell preamp to a CJ GAT 2 with everything being the same, big difference in sound; even wifey noticed and that’s saying ALOT.  
Lumin U1 vs. Sonore SE
Thanks for settling that one for me. I’m comparing the sonore signature se with the optical se version and out of the box the clarity is there. Must give it a few days to burn I.  but man oh man it’s worth the 1k upgrade. So happy with the recent ... 
Spectral audio today
sorry to hijack. Just received my M2 to replace focals and yes me verly verly happy.  Looking for that signature Krell sound that I’m getting from my 403Evo.  Any good suggestions on an amp to upgrade to. Thinking about solution 7 or 5 mono series.  
Power Conditioner: Isotek, Audioquest or other?
I had a horrible ground loop and after much research bought the Furman Ref 20.  It’s backed by real world engineering and is used by recording studios. Get it and forget the rest.   
DAW vs Alexia 1 vs Sasha 2, descending order of $$
Has anyone bought Wilsons online and had to do the setup yourself?  Would live to know I’d it could managed. Also are dealers or other professionals available to offer set up service?I’d like to take a poll of Wilson owners who’ve had great succes...