I have a pair of rebel salon speakers. Just updated my amp to a Mark Levinson 534
question , should I change the speakers also , as they are old ?
Yes if it is in your price range look at Magico A3s,Rockports and Vimberg.Good luck whatever you get.
It depends. The Original Revel Salon speakers are pretty darn good. Technology has improved and there are better products on the market today but it’s not like you are listening too a poor product. The real question is something you should ask yourself and that is, do I want more? If the answer is yes, then it is time to do some auditioning.

In the end, any retailer is going to say yes and most audiophiles are inclined to say yes as many of us have an addiction to finding something new and different.  I am both retailer/manufacturer and audiophile.  it helps my own addiction more than anything.  It sounds like you may not be that person. It never hurts to demo though.

If I were you, I would also look at:

Revel Ultima Salon IIs
Magico S1 MKii and A3
Wilson SabrinaX
Wilson Benesch
Vivid if you can handle they styling
Raidho C and TD Series
Spendor Classic 200
Marten Parker Line

Full disclosure, I am a Raidho dealer and have access to a few other lines that are listed here. Good luck.
Only if there’s something you’d like to change or improve over what you have now.  Is there?
Even before my father's father they called us all rebels.

Sorry. Don't know what made me think of that.

Yes, its one of the most important yet often times overlooked aspects of system matching, the number of years you've had each component. 
The salon has a pretty lively tweeter and the rear facing ports make adjusting bass output easy if the room is deep enough. My only disappointment with the salon was the soundstage/ lack of stage in my room which could have been because my room was too small idk. Still worth the price on the used market.