Speakers for BAT equipment

I have a BAT VK-3i pre, VK-200 power, Meridian 508.20 cdp, transparent interconnects and spk cables. I listen to anything except rap and country. I was considering Paragon Regents for a long time until I read some reviews on Newform Research. I'm also thinking about Thiel 3.6 and Merlin VSM. Does anyone have recommendations for the best combination? Price range is around $2500, used. Thanks in advance.
Hello I also have a BAT VK-3i,VK 200, but using a Micromega Stage 6. Have tried using this combination with my Thiel 2.3s and did not like the sound, way to bright even with MIT cables. Went back to my Krell, VTL. Also have tried this combo on my son's Thiel 2.2s which did sound very good. The 2.2s are not as bright as the 2.3s. Since the 2.2 have a similar complement, the 3.6s should work out pretty well. I would stay away from any speaker that is on the bright side. Currently I am using the BATs in another room with Unity Audio Signature 1s which are a very good match.
I heard some sound stellar with some Wilson Watts. You might be able to get some cubs for 3K. The other choice ( I know I sound like a broken record), would be audio physic virgos.

Basically you want a high efficiency speaker with ruthless detail to take advantage of BAT's combination of relatively low power and high transparency. Thiels are too bright for my taste, but then again I've only heard them with older solid state. The merlins are supposed to be great for smaller voiced tube systems. Soundstage has an online review. I would look for a medium sized monitor/floorstanding dynamic cone speaker. Dynaudio's are also very articulate. You should be able to find a contour 3.0 or 3.3 in or near your price range.
Has anyone heard this combination with ProAcs 2.5s or 3.8s. Any comments would be appreciated.
I had the Bat 3 and the VK200 with cardas cable, Wadia cd and Audio Physic virgos. Great combo. Since then, I now have bat vk50se and vk60 and transparent cable, still awesome. With your music choices, give the virgos a try...
Thanks for all your help. My demo music piece is Symphony No. 7 by Beethoven. Paragon Regents sounded unbelievable playing it, but fell flat with more dynamic pieces such as Metallica or Aerosmith. Can Thiel 2.2 or Audio Physic Virgos pull this off?
Well, believe it or not, I'm operating a pair of Martin Logan CLS IIz's with nothing more than a VK200 mated to a VK40 preamp. The output of the VK200 is 200 watts into a 4 ohm load, so don't be surprised if it drives most 4 ohm loads with ease. I've operated this same system with a VK500 amplifier, and although the VK500 provides greater headroom, it was no more dynamic sounding than the VK200. Toss a Genesis 900 sub into the mix and VOILA, you're done!

I agree with Coltranel. I just bought the bat200 for my aerius i, does sound great.
By the way when I auditioned the vk200 w/my aerius i, I also borrowed the 3i from the dealer. What a combo, really sweet.
Aerials! I run a VK-200/VK-30 and the combo is beautiful with the Aerial 10Ts. For the budget you describe you might seek out used 7Bs. The VK-200 has power plenty to spare with 200W into 4. I don't run out of juice at all even in a 15 x 18 room. Wonderful timbre and dynamics.