Speakers need to be placed close to back wall. Help

Hello all,

I want to buy my daughter and her husband a house-warming gift of a nice stereo. The problem is that the room they will probably want the stereo in simply won’t allow speakers to be place more than about 6-8" from the back wall. Any ideas of manufacturers and/or models that might work for them?

They listen to all kinds of music and I want to stay below 4K for used speakers.


Thanks in advance.


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Mofojo:  they look interesting, and the specs and few reviews are very promising.  Many thanks.

Any omidirectional or semi omidirectional speakers are exactly what you require. I'm UK based and use a modified pair of NVA Cubix speakers and the ability to almost fine tune the bass by moving the speakers proximity to the wall has to be heard, it's really quite something. I know there are some very well regarded American designers of omidirectional speakers and I am sure you will be astonished by their performance viz a viz traditional design.

Ps Steve Guttenberg did a review a year or two which was very positive re one the American designs 

Get them the KEF LS60 (the Baby Blades). I will cost $7K, but it has a preamp, amps, META, DSP, and I think it also looks pretty cool and can be placed very close to the wall because of that built-in DSP. I think all the features are controllable from an mobile device, like an iPhone.



I second the ATCs. Have a scm7 v3.

If thinking of Buchardt check out the their i150 amp. Has dsp. The auto Room EQ is actually a room modes correction. Simple to do. Has sub out. Crossover and many easy to use controls. Sounds great. The app works on iPhone although Android is coming.