How close dynaudio s1.4 to c1

Hi,please help me about this speaker comparison
I'm audition the C1 speaker and yes, I love it:)
but budget not allow me:( to get this at msrp
the dealer don't have the contour line but it says is close to 60-70%
to C1 sound, will set the speaker with int amp either plinius,simaudio or krell,need suggestion about this amp too
live in apt so will listen at nearfield about 8-9 ft from speaker
regarding the bass in S1.4 same as C1?

I am a very happy owner of S1.4s. Saying the S1.4s are only 60% of the C1s sound is ridiculous. The S1.4s use very similar technology to the C1s. The S1.4s are shockingly good. I'd say it's more like 95% of the C1s and betters the C1s in the bass department. The S1.4s bass is the best I've heard from a stand mount speaker and better than most floorstanders I've heard. The S1.4s are a huge step forward from the old contours (which were really replaced by the focus line). The S1.4s are just plain fantastic. I've changed speakers many times, but had the S1.4s for a long time now and still happy. Buy them and don't give it a second thought. Yes, the C1s are better, but the gap is small. You'll pay a huge premium for very small gains.

Regarding amps, I'm a fan of plinius, but I don't think they have good synergy with the S1.4. I would not go that route. Krell would be better. You want something that is brutally neutral and honest. Plinius tends to be warmer sounding and the S1.4 need no help in that department. I use Bryston and it's a joy. If you are open to Bryston, there's plenty of bargains on here now. I don't know simaudio, so I can't comment. From your list I think Krell would mate best. But, like I said, Bryston is a joy.

Being in a apt, make sure you have room for these. I have them in an 11x14 room and they are very full sounding. They are better served in a medium sized room with plenty of space around them. I would not put them closer than 20" to the wall. That's 20" from the rear of the speaker to the wall. And 30" would be better if possible.

One more thing. These speakers really shine on the dedicated Dynaudio stands. The Dyn stands are worth every penny and are outstanding quality. Fillable and built like a tank. They look great too. Highly recommend the Dyn stands.

Good luck! :)
I strongly disagree with the statement the 1.4 is 95% of the C1 as well as the statement they have better bass than the C1.

To me, the 1.3SE is better than the 1.4. The C1 is in a completely different level---as should a speaker that is over 2x the cost. The midrange is leagues more transparent and the Esotar 2 tweeter shines handily over any other Dynaudio monitor.

However, you need to audition both and decide yourself.
Thanks jax
is make positive for me to do it after ur explanation
I like the bass on C1 so if more on the S1.4 it will make me happier
for the krell, dealer demo it with C1 ,guess I like their synergy together
the room will kind bigger than yours, is open space size 18x20 with back open to dining room and Placement will no problem.thanks
Hi keithr, I know their different level, only sound like i'm looking, the closest the better .for 1.3 Se don't see around now and only 1 dealer here carry dynaudio brand,they only have C1 for demo too .
I have owned the 1.4's and now have the c1's, both with Dyn Stand 4 stands.. The c1's are far ahead of the 1.4's to my ears, in my system and room. I have used Plinius 8200 mkii, Simaudio I-3se, and Simaudio I-7. If you are going to go with the 1.4's, take Jaxwired advice and go with a Krell. When I heard the Krell KAV-400i/ Dyn setup at a dealer, it was a very good match.
I have also heard the S1.4 at length & the C1 a couple of times.
The difference between the two is quite big.
They share that dynaudio house sound but the C1 is more refine and the high's are just more "exotic" if that is the appropriate wording.
I personally would go for the C1 if funds would allow. Its really in a different league.
Hi valinar, thank for suggestion
Agreed with krell & dynaudio combo,hope the kav int amp sound similiar to dealer separate set up
Hi nolitan,the fund only can buy used one and so far no luck finding it:(
the exotic sound is what I'm looking for and still in my mind now:D
Valinar,since u own both can u tell in % how close the 1.4 to c1?when u hear demo at dealer is that with S1.4 speaker? thanks

Then IMO, it would be better to go with the C1. It is more transparent and refined compared to the 1.4s. Vocals and acoustic instruments reproduced are among the best in the 10k price range(enclosure type). The 1.4 is a great speaker with gorgeous sound stage and tonality. The bass, in fact goes deeper than the C1s although not as articulate and well defined. For synths and electronica genre, my vote goes to the 1.4 which just sound amazing.
Comparing the 1.4's to the c1's on the basis of percentage points is a rather subjective exercise. Suffice it to say that the c1's are considerably better than the 1.4's in every category. Do the 1.4's go lower in bass? Yes, but I feel the bass is just a bit overdone, to the point of muddying the mids. This is not a glaring problem; just something my ears picked up. That said, the Krell will probably address this the best of the amps you are considering. If you can't afford the c1's now, go for the 1.4's. If you buy used they will hold their value pretty well when you go to sell them on Audiogon.
The 1.4S is an excellent speaker ( much better than the Focus 140 ) but I totally agree on what is mentioned: The C1 belongs to a complete different can not compare both. I also consider the 1.3Se more refined than the 1.4S, however, this last one presents a better soundstage and focus for me. My current speaker is a Special 25..for me it combines the best of both worlds : extremely refined and with an outstanding bass .
Finally, you can buy the 1.4S without any doubt..for sure you will be very happy with it.
Arrrrrgh,tough one!!!!
well,I'm gonna wait, hopefully used one will show soon
Thanks all for ur time to write it out
If a maximum resolution and transparency aren't your priority, stay with S 1.4 and spend the extra money on a high class source and amplification. No illusion, the Krell KAV integrated don't provide as good quality amplification as the Krell separates (Evo I guess?) that You've heard in a Dynaudio dealer's store. IMO Krell 400xi integrated is absolutely a minimum for S1.4, You may also try Pass Int 150, Naim Supernait or Gryphon (Callisto, Attilla..). I'd rather avoid Musical Fidelity, Primare and Creek integrateds. I'm afraid the C1 is even more difficult to drive that the Confidence C1..

IMO C1 would be a choice for an no compromise audiophile. For a normal music lover, the Contour S1.4, with is astonishing balance between musicality and transparency and incredible bass response, may be a choice for years... Certainly, C1 offers a better resolution an more airy highs, but more transparency means less tolerance for older recordings…

Concerning the bass department, lows of C1 may be more extended but bass of S1.4 benefits from a kind of boosting in the midbass and finally the bass of the Contour may be regarded as more punchy, more rhythmic.

Summing up : for vocals and complex music (orchestral), with very good quality of recordings, C1 would be a better choice. For popular music (like rock, hard, blues) I'd stay with the Contour.

PS. It's interesting to read that 1.3 SE is better than S1.4. My opinion is different. With the S1.4 the sound is very smooth, very refined. With 1.3 SE (very good speaker like other Dynaudio Contour series speakers) I've often noticed a hint of grainess or sibilance on some recordings (especially not audiophile quality, popular recordings).

Buy a used pair here. You can sell them for what you pay. But you won't sell them. I'm not speaking off the cuff here. I've spent hundreds of hours with them and many other speakers. These are pretty special. I do think the C1s are better, but you will be blown away by how good the S1.4s are.

And I agree with the guy that said putting a percentage on how much better the C1s are is ridiculous. Talk about an over simplification.

As for the old contour SEs being better, all I can say is to each his own. I wonder about how much quality time people with that opinion have spent with the S1.4s.
Okocsa,interesting input, thanks
jaxwired, wait till another S1.4 coming up,thanks
u all very helpfull ,apreciated
Jax- i owned the 1.3SEs, auditioned the 1.4s with a buddy who owns SEs as well. neither of us purchased 1.4s. ymmv.

the 1.3SE was a fav of dyn engineers and was one monitor on steroids.

now, admittedly i upgraded to C1s much later.
If you can afford Harbeth Compact 7-Es3 used or new,it will beat contour s1.4 in sound quality and musicality.After listening Harbeths,i miss some nusic information in contour s1.4 .Yes the bass and beats are punchier,vocals and highs very good,but i missing guitars and other sounds impact which communicate essence of songs,music.I was driving contours with the Krell kav500i.
A friend of mine has the 1.4S and I had the opportunity of listening to it a lot of times, even on my own set up, and I can assure that in general the 1.3 SE is better.
As the C1, the Special Twenty Five is in another league was the one I chose to replace my 1.3SE, however, once more I emphasize that the 1.4S is an amazing doubt about that.
Extravaganza : thanks for the info! I like the sound but not the style is to boxy looking:)
hba:thank u for comparison, spesial 25 is good but no luck,
found the C1 but overpriced:(
still waiting
Having owned 3 different Dynaudios including their studio monitor BM6 and listening to almost all their speakers in different demo rooms (excluding the Master and Consequence), it was clear that 1.3SE was their best monitor this side of C1. It was better than 1.4 and some people think it is more musical than Special 25 (I have not heard S25). BTW, my last Dynaudio was a 1.3SE which I used for about 2 years. When I was upgrading, I looked at C1, no doubt it was more transparent and a more exotic sounding speaker. The Esotar2 tweeter is the best I have ever heard, better than any Scanspeak revealetor or ring-radiators. But I still thought the 1.3SE had a more neutral tone. The C1 had more of the "Dynaudio" house sound which to my taste was too much of a signature. Having said all that please do not compare the 1.4 to the C1, they are at different levels especially when you feed the C1 with quality electronics.
Enjoying the discussion, also looking at some C1’s.  Can anyone summarize power source choices and/or ohm - impedance choice?

I’m listening to jazz, piano, acoustic, vocal music these days. The room is 20 X 25’ open architecture fairly lively. Seating for dedicated listening will be available for 1-5 people of course. Simple TIDAL streaming via Sonos and CD.

time flies with music faster,passed 9years:)well the real contender to c1 is  discontinued  s1.4LE. It has new capacitors from mundorf.May be it is the reason why separation between  instruments in soundstage is very good in acoustic music