Speakers Stands for the PSB Synchrony One B (bookshelfs)

I have PSB Synchrony One B bookshelf speaker sitting on the Sound Anchor's (25") stands and in my sitting
position my ears are in the level with the mid/bass cones.
Should I go with the stands 26" or 27" tall since the mid/bass is on the top and the tweeter on the bottom. I am just concern about the bass quality if I place the speakers higher.
Thank you in advance on your opinions.
Place a 2 inch high book under the speaker or the bottom of the stand and see if it sounds better than it does now!
But seriously, if it sounds OK on 25" stands, stick with that. The higher you go, the less stable it will be.
You can also experiment with tipping them up or down a few degrees. Notice how the soundstage changes for better or worse. Also check toe in for soundstage width and depth. Use music that you are very familiar with that has good spatial cues for height, width, depth, performer placement etc.