Speakers/Symposium Rollerblock JR's.

Has anybody used the Symposium Rollerblock JR. under their speakers? In particular floor standers?
Curious as to your thoughts.
If anyone has tried the more expensive rollerblochs, can you offer a comparison?
What attracts me to the JR'S is the extra platform.
Hi, I tried the Rollerblock jr's under my speakers and found it to be very difficult to balance the speaker, and impossible to move the speakers once they were balanced. I ended up using the Symposium Point Pods which work great in between my concrete floor and the spikes under my speakers. Definite improvements; better focus and more tuneful bass.
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I'm currently using the Rollerblocks Series 2+ double stacked under my Wilson Audio Duette speakers between the speakers and the stands. The stands are spiked on the bottom (from the manufacturer) sitting atop a Svelte Shelf.

The Svelte Shelf under the stand was a big improvement in terms of focus and cleaner bass. Adding the Rollerblocks double stacked between the monitors and the stands (in place of the brass tabs with magnetically placed points) really transformed the speaker into an entirely different animal all together. I was amazed at just how much distortion there was in the highs/mids/bass with the factory spikes.

The Rollerblocks completely changed the speaker into a very very refined and very resolute speaker that delivers a clean, and even delivery of the frequency range. The integrated presentation of the Duette is absolutely seamless like a single driver, but with out the single-driver-lacking in the extremes. And with out the single-driver peaks and vally unevenness delivery of its limited frequency response.

The highs are so clear and crystal, you will realize any weakness in your sytem's top end performance right away. The transition from the tweeter to the woofer is audibly missing, it is simply a very linear transition from highs to lows. And when you talk about lows, the bass delivery of the Duette is very impressive for what you get. The lowest octave is missing, but the roll off is there, and it's a very nice drop off. Now I get exceptional low end textures. The Duette has low end resolution I have never experienced before in a speaker.

Focus is crystal clear, tone is much more colorful and full bodied. Dynamics are in line with the linear frequency range delivery. Transient energy with each instrument is preserved. This translates to instruments being locked in such a presentation, that you can chose a single instrument within an orchestra and listen if you so choose. Otherwise, you can sit back and enjoy the entire orchestra, being able hear the difference between similar instruments among the various families of instrument types.

Anyone who owns a pair of Wilson Duette speakers should make it a point to get a set of double stacked Rollerblock Series 2+ to replace those magnetic-cones-on-brass-tabs that comes standard. They really sound pretty bad, but you won't know it until you try it, and then you'll see just how much further the Duette can go in terms of resolution and frequency extremes. But I'm sure they have the same positive affect on any speaker. Well worth the effort of trying for sure.
I use rollerblock juniors and svelte shelves under my floorstanding Acoustic Zen Adagios, on a suspended wooden floor. I was using Herbies big fat dots onto a thin sandstone block before. Both are a great improvement on spikes. I think the Symposium is a tad better, tighter sound with better defined base, but not a night and day improvement.
David12, what are your speakers made out of? I suspect they are MDF based? MDF is not a good material to base a speaker or any audio component on. It is used as a low cost material that is very easy to work with and build boxes with, but the sound is not very good.

My previous speakers were Living Voice OBX-R2, and although they did sound good, they do have problems in the mid range. I believe these speakers are MDF based with a veneer finish. When I switched to the Wilson Duette (no MDF in the construction) I was really surprised at how much more detail and resolution I was hearing. I do not know to what extent, but I think avoiding MDF is a factor in good sound. That may be a limiting factor if your speakers are built with MDF.
James The acoustic Zen site is'nt clear, but I feel you are correct, the Adagios are MDF. Coincidentally, my previous speakers were Living Voice Avatars. The Adagios are a very big step up in performance