Speakers that will bring me down to me knees crying with joy

Ok, so I had to write something ordinary in the title, but it´s really what I want. I live in Sweden and here we have a few really good Hi-Fi dealers which can offer great brands, but not everything is available. I´ve taken a break from this hobby the last 2-3years so I´m not up to speed on every new set of speakers.

What I have listened to in the past:

TAD Reference One - Really awesome speaker, it was paired up with TAD´s electronic and I found the sound a bit cold, just a bit. 

Giya G1 - I can´t get past the design 100% but the sound was good, but the setup might not have been the best or optimal for me. However I could see wanting to listen to them again in a different setup if possible.

Raidho D3 and D5 - Now this is the speakerbrand is, together with Sonus Faber Cremona M, that made the best emotionally connection with me. I was actually visiting Raidhos factory in Denmark with a dealer who brought me there. The sound from the D5 were super awesome, but they are very hard to get by used, but they could be the best speakers I´ve heard.

Focal diablo - Really awesome little speaker; sounded really good, I would like to hear the new speakers from Focal.

B&W 800D - Paired up with classe electronics; I found them pretty good, but it was too long ago when I heard them.

Magico S5 - I really really wanted to love this speaker, it looked so perfect 2x10" etc. it was paired up with electronics from Devialet. I experienced the sound to be too cold for me, could have been the room which was very small and weird.

## So what is important for me; well emotions emotions emotions; I want to feel something when listen to music; if we´re talking about chosing a "colorless" speaker and pair it up with tubes" or chose a speaker like Sonus Faber use to be, made everything sound lush, then the first option might suite me the best. I don´t want a ruthless system that make 65% of CD´s sound like shit because they are extremely analyzing. This is what I find the hardest to balance. But I like my music loud and I´m mostly looking a bigger speakers because I want that BIG sound which can bring me to my knees I want to be overwhelmed and washed with sounds. I have all my music in FLAC / WAV.

Any suggestions?
To my ears, nothing approaches the realism of a really high efficiency speaker. The dynamics of something that's 100db/1w/1m or better is unmatched by anything less efficient.

Moving lots of air is key.  Mid-bass is where all the body is.

I agree with WAJ and have a pair of his 'A' list speakers.

wajonaudio.webs.com/The Ultimate Speakers are Within Reach.html
Cold, thin, sterile speakers don't make you cry (a number of suggestions here). If you really, truly want to be a crybaby go with high efficiency speakers and SE DHT 300B. Seek tone,harmonic rightness, texture, emotion, weight and fullness without losing or smearing transparency...

Well I think the responses show the high efficiency camp will never agree with those who like dynamic sealed box designs, and vice versa. I don’t personally agree with some of the discriptions used for dynamic speakers in this thread, but that’s just my view. It's like tubes vs ss, both camps are inherently biased. You'll never get a completely straight answer out of either, so the bottom line? Use your own ears & buy whatever floats your boat..